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  1. This seems like a good deal at £145 buy it now + £4.50 postage. There is a spelling error "soverein" in the listing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-2011-UK-Quarter-Soverein-Gold-Proof-Coin-in-Case-with-COA/193463679191 This one is £194.60 inc postage for comparison: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/proof-sets/proof-quarter-sovereigns/2011-boxed-quarter-sovereign-gold-proof-coin/
  2. WotNxt

    Gold confiscated

    That is true at all times isn't it? I was meaning diversifying just the PM side of the portfolio.
  3. WotNxt

    Gold confiscated

    So ... if there is a risk of gold being confiscated ... does that make diversifying into other PMs a sensible option?
  4. WotNxt

    Gold confiscated

    Well, it's a good job all those members of the allied forces could think in shades of grey also then ... so they could destroy nazism.
  5. WotNxt

    Gold confiscated

    I disagree ... I would liken black and white thinking to simple thinking which hides the nuances and allows atrocities to happen. Thinking in shades of grey allows people to conceive the details. I do agree though that you need to occasionally check that the things you know still fit the black and white pattern and you aren't being guided off course into a fog.
  6. WotNxt

    Gold confiscated

    From 2014: https://www.sundaypost.com/politics/browns-1997-pension-raid-has-cost-oaps-120bn/
  7. Good thing you are a PM investor ... the Euro is going down lol
  8. Funny fact check ... https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-ferrer/false-claim-photo-of-la-county-health-director-barbara-ferrer-shows-her-looking-unwell-idUSKBN22W2SL Original undoctored picutre: https://deadline.com/2020/05/l-a-county-coronavirus-dr-barbara-ferrer-1202933922/ Doctored version: https://twitter.com/jakecoco/status/1261372969147699201/photo/1 Now, I don't know about you but I think she looks REALLY unhealthy in the undoctored photo 😦
  9. I watched the UK Government daily briefing yesterday for the first time in ages and it really struck me how disconnected their message is from reality. It seemed really clear to me that things are NOT being done the way they are for the good of the people but for some other cause.
  10. Added 0 minutes later... Please ... if you still watch the MSM then ask yourself what junk you are letting them push into your brain.
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