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  1. $1372 face value of 90% half dollars. Quarters and dimes next.
  2. Looks like the three coins in the boxes are sterling silver coins from the Franklin Mint. There are still some collectors of their products out there if you look around. Beyond that, being sterling silver, they are .925 pure silver as far as melt value. Many, but not all, look down on sterling silver. I look at it as silver with a higher purity than old 90% coins.
  3. I have some slabbed coins that are sealed in little plastic bags. Do you keep them in the bags, or remove the extra plastic? I understand this is six of one and half dozen of another, just seeing what different people do. I'm leaning towards removing them from the baggies.
  4. I have bullion ASE's and slabbed ASE's. I am strongly thinking of dumping the slabbed ones and reinvesting in pure bullion. I may keep one just to have, but they aren't why I collect. For a full on depression, I'd rather have junk silver (I'm U.S. based.)
  5. Nice. My video post permission is still counting down, but I'll put up my graded gold as soon as I can. June 3rd will end my lockout. 30 days is a long time to wait.
  6. The flea market down the road from me has a coin guy that's selling generic silver rounds for under $20 each. Worth getting? He has about 20 of them.
  7. These are the 5 oz. America The Beautiful coins. I have several of each and am looking to sell off all the extras and try to gather a complete set.
  8. There is a video posted in the video section. I'll be making more sterling silver videos soon. As unpopular as sterling is, it's an inexpensive way to begin a collection of coins.
  9. First try at making a coin video. This is the Parables of Jesus medallion collection from The Franklin Mint. Two types were produced, a bronze and a sterling silver one.
  10. I spent some time last night going through a collection of Franklin Mint sterling silver that I inherited a while back. It seems that sterling is not well liked, but it's 92.5% so it at least has some melt value. I'll be working on a video of my stuff and see about posting it in a few days for anyone who wants to see it. Am I the only one who keeps sterling silver?
  11. Hello. I found my way here from Backyard Bullion's youtube page. I've been collecting metals for several years now. Prices have been flat for so long, hence the name Sceptic. Anyway, nice to meet you all, I'm in the U.S.A. in Mississippi.
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