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  1. Seems that all this noise is a gift to bullion dealers who have raised premiums. They're making a fortune.
  2. This will be interesting to watch. If prices get high enough, I'm hoping to finally dump all the graded ASE's and commemorative stuff I've got.
  3. Of course, they most likely made billions. Laws are for suckers.
  4. Well, with the price of gold in freefall, looks like I'll be holding onto them for a bit longer.
  5. Taking a lot of First Spouse half oz. gold coins (mix of bu and proof) to the local coin shop. If I can get $1k each, I'll be happy.
  6. I'll be sad to see 2020 end. I just like to watch things burn.
  7. This is what $690.80 in silver dimes looks like.
  8. Six 90% silver dimes at the local flea market. Have to go back tomorrow for two more to finish a roll.
  9. I have a LOT of old Franklin Mint sterling silver. From my looking around, there is pretty much nobody that is interested in it for collecting. I've also noticed that many of the silver stackers on YouTube tend to be snobbish and look down on sterling. Regardless, mine doesn't take much space so I am okay just keeping it around. I do not understand why 90% coins are so coveted but 92.5% sterling is looked down on.
  10. I think water will prove more important than gold in the near to distant future.
  11. All my junk half dollars. If and when the time comes to sell these, I will mix them all up and re-roll them. No cherry pickers allowed.
  12. For a metal that has a spot price half of gold, it actually costs more than gold when you factor in the premiums to buy it.
  13. Once you pass security in the U.S.A., and I do believe having three gold coins in your pocket will not trigger any crazy detentions, do you pass through another x-ray machine on your trip? When you land overseas, don't you just get your bags and go get a stamp on your passport and either declare something or not? I don't see where there would be any problems carrying a few coins in your pocket.
  14. Okay, got out the Morgans and counted them. 173 coins in the box and they break down to 47/104. Looks like I'll be doing a bit of learning about Morgans and hitting up the local flea market (two coin guys there every week) and do a little swapping with my duplicates. I may stop by a coin shop first and see what condition coins I've got, some are good, others no so much.
  15. Makes me wonder. I have a small box of Morgans that beyond seeing how many there are, I've never really looked at them. Perhaps I need to pull them out and catalog them. One thing I can say, they're most likely all very circulated with no key dates. Guess I'm headed out to the safe...
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