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  1. All my junk half dollars. If and when the time comes to sell these, I will mix them all up and re-roll them. No cherry pickers allowed.
  2. For a metal that has a spot price half of gold, it actually costs more than gold when you factor in the premiums to buy it.
  3. Once you pass security in the U.S.A., and I do believe having three gold coins in your pocket will not trigger any crazy detentions, do you pass through another x-ray machine on your trip? When you land overseas, don't you just get your bags and go get a stamp on your passport and either declare something or not? I don't see where there would be any problems carrying a few coins in your pocket.
  4. Okay, got out the Morgans and counted them. 173 coins in the box and they break down to 47/104. Looks like I'll be doing a bit of learning about Morgans and hitting up the local flea market (two coin guys there every week) and do a little swapping with my duplicates. I may stop by a coin shop first and see what condition coins I've got, some are good, others no so much.
  5. Makes me wonder. I have a small box of Morgans that beyond seeing how many there are, I've never really looked at them. Perhaps I need to pull them out and catalog them. One thing I can say, they're most likely all very circulated with no key dates. Guess I'm headed out to the safe...
  6. I have some graded coins and I firmly believe in straight up bullion, but I'll keep them simply because they're ounces of metal. I'm in it for total weight and don't really care about collecting sets or slabs.
  7. I am not worried. Prices go up and down and today is no exception. In the long run, it's good to be holding gold/silver.
  8. Good luck with your sale. I will be taking about 15 pounds of Franklin Mint coins and metals to a scrap dealer next week. I did not have any interest trying to sell it.
  9. I've got about 5 kilos of old Franklin Mint sterling silver coins and medals that I'm about to take to a scrap dealer. It's always funny to see how people that love 90% junk silver have such a visceral hatred of sterling, which has a higher purity.
  10. Name one government that said it needs LESS money for itself and more for the citizens. I'll wait here.
  11. I am looking into selling out the silver and buying gold now. Spending the next day or so researching and forming a plan, then I'll pull the trigger and get it done. I want to end up with Buffalo's, bullion over graded.
  12. I'm not too worried about the gold. I can probably hand carry that and just declare it. The silver is another story. Two sealed monster boxes, two open monster boxes and somewhere around $2k face value junk. Long term, it's a hedge against fiat currencies and ideally, I will be passing it on to my young nieces that live in Europe. Call my cynical but I think governments (all of them) see money as owned by them and only on loan to everyone else.
  13. Does anyone have suggestions for information on moving overseas with bullion? I'm wondering if it's even worth the effort as shipping/insurance costs would probably exceed the value of the coins.
  14. Is there a comprehensive list of coins and sets released by the U.S. Mint with retail prices through the years? For example, I am curious to know what special commemorative coins were available in 2011 and what they retailed for. My reason is, I have inherited a number of U.S. Mint commemorative sets that I want to sell and convert into bullion ASE's and/or Maple Leafs, but I am not sure if selling will set me back or if I'd be better off just keeping them. I'm not a collector, so I see silver as silver. I don't add any personal value to collectibles.
  15. Hello. If you're looking on Craigslist of FB Marketplace for circulated Morgans and Peace Dollars, what is your cost range you are willing to spend? Such as below $16 is a bargain, $17-20 is normal, $21-24 expensive and $25+ is a nope. I am looking at circulated, unslabbed coins.
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