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  1. That's Transferwise putting a block on the Mint's shipping company. Transferwise blocks many bullion dealers and crypto exchanges as a money laundering prevention measure. From what I gather this is somewhat against their will.
  2. Reading back through the messages, it's interesting how quickly "reset" and the acronym "CBDC" became common and regular topics of discussion in the mainstream.
  3. This is something I've known about for a while, and I've often wondered what would happen if some solar or other event took out our comms technology for weeks or months until we got it all back up and running. It would make a pandemic look like a hiccup. I've seen articles before about various governments being told by various parties to protect power stations and key infrastructure, that it's only a matter of time… but I've never made a mental connection with money and banking and modern cashlessness. The video did a good job on bringing some focus on that and bringing attention to the f
  4. If we say winter begins Oct 15-30th, I don't think there'll be much movement before that time. But it's 2020, who knows.
  5. At least countries like say France, and even southern European countries not known for efficiency, are going to be able to spool up "National Bread" rations to keep people fed. The UK is probably the worst place in the world to be, as the govt hand out the bread rationing contract to a company founded last week by a friend of a friend with no farms and no farm contacts. Come January, the UK will be perhaps the only country in Europe with no guarantees of food supplies at all.
  6. Just imagine, a lego brick that brings as much joy to your heart as it does pain to your foot every time you step on it.
  7. Try the washing machine on high spin.
  8. My daughter saves in silver, though she sounds quite a bit younger than yours. One of the best approaches you can take is to save your cash until you have a good amount (that might even be just £100) then buy as many 1toz coins as you can. The more you buy at once, the less it's going to cost you. Then you can hand out coins from a small supply you have. Doing it piecemeal also means you get an excuse/opportunity to impart some advice and knowledge about hard money… which is maybe more important than the metal itself.
  9. The real fun is in calculating how many pounds lbs of sterling silver a one lbs pound sterling gold coin is worth.
  10. If only the two could be linked in some way… 🤔
  11. Not entirely. This would be quite reasonable to expect in rural USA, the culture there would allow for it. If there were serious issues with the USD, the US is probably the one place in the world where silver would become a temporary de facto currency. Europe is another situation altogether, a place where rebellious industriousness has long since been bred out.
  12. She was extremely excited to see bits of triceratops hanging out of the t-rex's mouth. I hadn't even noticed. I think she'll be fine!
  13. My daughter's savings coin for this month arrived just in time.
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