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  1. Thank you folks! Can’t quite believe it but I’m well chuffed! I might give you all a chance in the next draw by not entering myself 😂😂
  2. Hmm, now that I think of it, our suction units have amalgam separators in them which trap any grit/dust from removal of fillings as we’re not allowed to simply flush this into the sewers for environmental reasons. They’re basically just tubs which fill up slowly with grey sludge. We just empty that into a large bucket which gets collected as clinical waste periodically but sometimes there must be hundreds of ounces in there and if it’s 40% silver.....? 🤔🤔 I need to find a way of recovering this. Damn you mercury vapour!
  3. Haha - not much! The stuff I use is 40% silver.
  4. Metalmarket.eu is where I bought mine from. Says around 30 days delivery but I’m happy to wait.
  5. Just placed my order. Is it sad that I think the rocks look even better than the penguins??! Looks amazing!
  6. Hi folks, Does anyone have any suggestions of where to buy coin capsules which are reasonably priced? Having a look on ebay and theyre mostly about £2-2.50 per capsule! Is this normal? To me they look as though they should cost around 30-50p each in bulk. Any suggestions??
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