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  1. I see secrets as burdens. When you share your secret with someone else, you've given them a burden, one perhaps they didn't want or are unable to carry. I like to think these things are usually not shared with malice aforethought. If I simply must unburden myself, then I only share a little of it. If I were to suddenly pop my clogs then my next of kin would do well to remember that I told them, casually in passing, that I'd bought a couple of coins, not how many, what they were worth or where to find them. If I was approached by someone who thought that I was the right person to talk to about it, dependant on the situation, I probably wouldn't flat out deny it for fear of being caught in an escalating web of deceit, (you now know that your beans have been spilt, but not to what extent). I could happily admit to having once bought a couple of sovereigns, but that I sold them soon afterwards to help pay for a new fridge. I wouldn't be lying because that's a true story and I wouldn't be obliged to share with them what I did next. You could point them in the direction of say this forum, because that's the best advice you can give, and wish them good luck. As a little cherry on the economical truth cake, I'd insist they tell you how they get on and when you see them next, actively seek their advice on the matter...lets see how well they handle being asked personal questions. 😈
  2. Just found this thread and your website... probably about three weeks too late but hey. Very helpful. Thank you.
  3. This is most helpful. Just making my own personal tweaks to it now but you've saved me the bulk of the job. Many thanks.
  4. Hi there. By day I'm an interior designer specialising in commercial catering, but by night I've been collecting bass guitars, buying and selling examples that I considered undervalued or that would retain or increase their value. A couple of months ago my walk in wardrobe was so full of hard cases that there wasn't enough room for clothes. I took this as a sign that I should move a few instruments on. To be honest, if I hadn't run out of space to store instruments, I probably wouldn't be here. I've been on the look out for a new obsession hobby that can relieve me of some of the cash my recent bass sales have generated. Precious metals might be similar to musical instruments in the respect that they are a physical asset that can (hopefully) hold value and appreciate over time. They are also both shiny and pretty which is important to me. Obviously I'd have a hard time coaxing a tune from coins that wasn't limited to a metallic clanging sound. I'm a total newbie to this sort of thing and I'm joining with a desire to learn more about the subject, hoping in the long term to become a competent casual coin collector... and to regain some wardrobe space. Thanks for having me.
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