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  1. PJRay


    If the government ever wanted to get their hands on your gold, there are much easier ways of going about it than kicking down doors at 6 a.m. to ransack a house because of some receipt from HGM a decade ago. Why go to all that difficulty and expense when you could make the sale of gold illegal... unless the buyer is the government. That'd hoover most of it up. Sure you could 'stick it to the man' by burying your stash in the woods, but you nor your kids would ever be able to realise its value unless you sold it on a gold black market. Then the government could go after the black market instead. That'd be more effective than chasing the ghosts of some old receipt, less messy than interrogation and a hell of a lot cheaper than locking people up. That's the way I'd do it. 😈
  2. PJRay


    If that day ever came you could recount the tale of your unfortunate boating accident. Such a sad story.
  3. PJRay

    Still buying sovs?

    I bought a couple last night off this forum which worked out at 2.38% over spot including SD postage. I do think premium membership is worth it to get access to these deals, but I'm considering giving it up for a few months just so I can put a stop to all the bloomin' temptation!
  4. I've added excel to allowed apps for windows defender, but that hasn't fixed it. 😆
  5. With this prompt, I thought I'd almost fixed it. It wasn't my firewall I changed permissions for because I could find no mention of excel being an app that is blocked or whitelisted for web access. It didn't give me any opportunity me to add gold.co.uk as trusted either. I did have a bit more joy with excels own trust centre. File > Options > Trust Centre > Trust Centre Settings then 'enable all data connections' and 'enable automatic update for all Workbook links'. That allowed the table to load. I thought I'd cracked it but unfortunately the time out occured again when it tried to automatically refresh two minutes later. 😕 I think I might have to admit defeat for now and stick with the Kitco scrape, (at least it gets me in the proverbial ballpark). There is someone at work I could ask who is a whizz with excel but that would mean giving up my privacy. I'll continue to tinker, I don't like it when the computer beats me. It must be something at my end and I bet it's a simple fix when you know how.
  6. PJRay

    Still buying sovs?

    I suspect probably from this forum. edit: I see you're not a premium member so you wouldn't be able to see the ad until three days has passed
  7. Neither work for me. "https://www.gold.co.uk/gold-price/gold-price-today/" looks promising when I choose the 'live metal table', but then it timeout's after 100 seconds. I've tried grabbing other elements of the page but they all timeout. It won't connect to http at all.
  8. If other excel users are doing it successfully, it must be something on my end that I'm fudging.
  9. Yeah. I'm currently successfully scraping the price every minute from https://www.kitco.com/gold-price-today-uk/ It just seems to swing wildly around +/- £3 from every other gold spot I look at.
  10. I tried both but that doesn't work for me. Google sheets formatting I imagine doesn't work with excel. Thank you for trying though. I'm a little exasperated that I can't grab such simple data. It must be something I'm doing wrong at my end and I'm sure it's really simple when you know how. I should probably be asking this question on an excel forum, not a precious metals one. 😄
  11. OK thank you. My excel just flat out refuses to connect to that page. 🤔
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