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    Soapy bath?

    I cleaned a sovereign once. I won't usually but this one was really grim... like it had lived a large portion of its life stuck down a squaddies undercrackers. It wasn't a rare one so I thought what the hell. I read on this very forum about a method of putting a dab of neat washing up liquid on each side and rubbing it gently between your forefinger and thumb, so as you can't feel the faces of coin itself, rather rub only the viscous liquid into the coin. I did that until the green gloop turned brown, then I ran it under the tap and then I patted it dry with a paper towel. It wasn't gleaming spotless, but it was a big improvement on its original condition which I never really want to touch before. I want to emphasise again that it was a bog standard bullion sov. Almost literally.
  2. To bring this issue to a happy conclusion, I received a replacement this morning. A rather minty looking 2015 sovereign, a lot nicer than I was expecting TBH. I must give praise to Atkinsons customer service. Once they'd realised that I wanted to return a coin, the process of replacing it was executed swiftly and without any quibble. I'm not usually one for kicking up a fuss and, if I receive a poor service, I vote with my wallet and never buy from that company again, (there's a few companies on my sh*t list 😁). Not Atkinsons though, they are definitely in my good books and I will be back to buy from them again in the future.
  3. Perhaps in a hundred years or so, someone will look at a 2020 sovereign and say, "Hey, wasn't that the year when they had that pandemic thingy? I'll take that one".
  4. A phone call is great for getting peoples attention, but they're not a record of a formal complaint, with a date and an explanation of the issue that can be called upon later. I like worn old sovereigns. I like their patina, it tells their story. I wasn't expecting anything even closely resembling something new. Perhaps the photos don't do it justice. The other three I got with it are dirty, scratched and dinged and exactly how I expected. This one however it stood out immediately as missing some gold. Victoria's features are worn away and she looks decidedly bald, like half her face has been rubbed away to nothing. That's where the missing weight is from... her face. That means that, if I wanted to sell this coin, I would have to point its faults for fear of it being returned to me. That's all I care about, having a coin in a reasonable bullion condition to eventually sell. If I received it and immediately thought it wasn't in an acceptable condition, how could I expect someone who receives it from me not to care? Anyway, on a happier note, Atkinsons have replied this afternoon and are stated they will gladly exchange the coin. So it's going back in the post, special delivery. That'll cost me a few quid but it's not about the money and not about unrealistic expectations or OCD, it's just about the resale value.
  5. Still no response from Atkinsons about this. Emailing again this morning and phone calls will follow. Starting to get the impression their plan it to just ingnore me.
  6. So, after sleeping on it, I decided to email the dealer and ask to return that sovereign. The fact that it was so visibly worn down, to the extent that I felt the need to order new scales and check just how underweight such a worn sovereign could be, has justified the £20 I spent on them to check the weight. I’m loathe to be that precious customer but, if I wanted to sell a bunch of my bullion sovereigns on this forum, I’d have to make an exception for this one and point out its unusually worn condition and underweight. That’s the bottom line for me, that when come to sell it, I don’t want the buyer to come back to me with the same concern that I immediately recognised. I’m not picky honestly, I just wanted a bullion grade sovereign, not a jewellery grade one. I’ve taken on board other more experienced members comments about old and worn sovereigns and noted that this coin is lighter than their most worn examples. In future I will be immediately knocking back anything that comes in less than 7.94g I reached out to Atkinsons this morning and so far, they haven’t responded.
  7. new scales have arrived and the weight's in.... ... 7.93g
  8. They were described as pre-owned, not as any particular grade. I've ordered some new jewellery scales to double check the weight. My old ones are quite old and only measure to the nearest 0.1g. They should arrive today. I'll try and attach a better photo as well. So, what's an acceptable tolerance in weight for a used bullion sovereign? I don't want to be too precious about it but my exit strategy is to one day sell x sovereigns, not x sovereigns plus one that's a bit knackered. I've always steered clear of 'grade c' for this reason.
  9. I received 4 sovereigns today. Bunch of four, lucky dip bullion type of sovereigns from one of the larger online retailers. One of them immediately jumped out at me though. It was a lot cleaner than the others and it didn't take much closer inspection to see that it was noticably worn. Like rubbed down smooth. Someones lucky pocket peice perhaps, rubbed for good luck. Victoria's ear has vanished and, much like my own, her hairline seems to have receeded away to nothing. My question is, is this good enough as bullion or should it have been scrapped? I bought it for the weight, not for collecting, and my scales put it at 7.8g If this isn't unusual then I'll just throw it in the stack with the other bullion. Excuse the grainy photo, to the naked eye it looks a lot balder and shinier... like me. The other sov's were fine BTW.
  10. I thought exactly the same thing. I noticed their postage costs had doubled since the summer and thought I wouldn't bother for a few sovs. I also noticed an update to their delivery t&c's that concerned me. Is this always been a thing?
  11. Erm.. earlier this year I ordered a bullion 2012 sov from Bairds for £370 and they sent me what eventually turned out to be a PF70 proof. I got very, very lucky. Now I'd want more than £800 for it.
  12. Yikes! When you said you were going in on QB's, you weren't kidding. Great haul!
  13. I've taken that advice and I'm posting it to @Numistackerfor grading. 👍
  14. I'm sure I've heard of at least one other member here ordering random bullion sovs and receiving the occasional coin better than expected.
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