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  1. Right now premiums are high for a lot of things. Try to buy the best metal you can for the lowest premium. Collector coins can be tempting but if you're just stacking weight it doesn't matter as much. There have been some good deals on Britannias recently. ASE are way over spot so I've been avoiding those. Shop around and take shipping costs into account.
  2. @Shep I do see your point about value put in as relates to future inflation. It's still better to put into silver than the regular useless junk that I'm trying to cut out of my spending. I really wish I knew what's causing the high premiums. Considering that I can buy a Britannia for much cheaper than an eagle, it doesn't make sense. We don't pay VAT but there are shipping costs associated with getting a UK minted coin over here. I can't see that manufacturing costs are that much more here than the UK. Imagine we're pretty on par with each other there.
  3. Interesting. I haven't seen a setup like that before.
  4. To me VAT sounds insufferable. There's plenty wrong with our system here but a 20% tax on something is beyond excess. I paid a 35% premium on my last order of Britannias when spot was $15.50. There's a 6% sales tax. That worked out to about $22.18 per coin. That seemed quite reasonable compared to everything else I've seen. Definitely cheaper than eagles or maples. I placed another order for some the next day too and am thanking myself now that spot is over $17.
  5. Very nice win. Congratulations!
  6. I'll have to tell Mrs. Horse that we'll be getting a mini fridge with a lock.
  7. I was just using 10% for ease of example. I am in the US and don't know what the UK market is like.
  8. Horse


    I did buy one 2019 eagle just to have it. Paid somewhere around $25 at the beginning of April. I didn't like the price but was the cheapest I found.
  9. The way I realistically see it playing out is, bar a huge sustained jump in silver spot, that the premium I pay today will even out down the road. If I pay 10% premium today, hopefully with future spot increase, I'll get what I paid in the future. I see it as a store of wealth and not a money maker. This doesn't factor in collectible coins that may or may not go up. The Queen's Beasts are an example of that. Try buying a griffin for a decent price these days.
  10. Horse


    Being American, I would love to have more eagles but those premiums are just rude. The Britannia is a beautiful coin.
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