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  1. There is no vat to be added. I'm in ireland though. Someone else may confirm for UK.
  2. Apologies, but true🤣. Take a look, it's impressive. Dont be disheartened, I'm sure they have a team of web developers on it. You are just one man.
  3. Sorry to go off topic a little. I got some gold delivered from Bairds at the start of lockdown. Delivery guy just left it at the door and didn't even ring!. I was shocked. I was then thinking how easily I could claim it didn't arrive and get refund/replacement. For a split second I considered as it was a lot of money but then my concience took over.
  4. TheApe

    The coming Gold crash

    I should have specified community reputation is dumb. What's the point when you can't give negative feedback. And I'm not talking about disagreeing on a point. I'm talking about disapproving of behavior.
  5. TheApe

    The coming Gold crash

    Feedback system is dumb, you get "reputation" for being laughed at.
  6. I even bought and waited 4 days to see what prices would do and they honored order with no issue, despite prices going up a good bit.🤣
  7. Check this site for some of the cheaper silver. I have bought some Gold before form them and they are a joy to deal with. You are mad to pay what some UK dealers are asking. https://www.heubach-edelmetalle.de/verkauf/kaenguru-1-unze-silber-mix-18284
  8. True but this is the "Deals" thread. Not the "chards" are nice to me thread. 😜 @ChrisSilver, thats my final word.
  9. I've seen it and it's not always accurate. And as said, Germany's cheaper right now. I don't want top 3, I only buy the cheapest, they are simply never there. Added 0 minutes later... Also, check gold.de. Better comparison site and illustrates my point.
  10. Just buy a little every week or so. I personally think PM's have a way to run. But FOMO is usually a terrible sign you are making bad move.
  11. I focus on price. Buying mostly from Germany now. I find chards really uncompetitive. But am willing to be proven wrong.
  12. Hindsight is great. In all your videos for last few months youve been saying buy gold over silver.
  13. £27 now. Id stay clear of Chards. Prices are silly. Never saw one thing worth buying on there that wasnt much cheaper elsewhere.
  14. These videos are just ramblings of a noob. Interesting though, good on you.
  15. TheApe

    The coming Gold crash

    In my opinion this thread should have been closed and Wonger banned a long time ago. A different viewpoint is one thing. This thread is not that.
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