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  1. TheApe

    The coming Gold crash

    I have heard this before, but honestly I dont want to hold any dollar. They are printing more then ever and the Country is in massive debt. Id rather be on the side of logic, although I know logic is often on the losing end.
  2. TheApe

    The coming Gold crash

    No, I dont know what will happen. If I was to guess, Id say it will go up, a lot. But if it does drop, it wont be because he predicted it using his BS graph analysis. Hes just another idiot talking rubbish. For every 100 idiots, one ends up right.
  3. TheApe

    The coming Gold crash

    What a load of rubbish. Not that gold will go down to 750..just this video.
  4. Once upon a time the stock market was a direct reflection of the current or future prospects of economies. Every time I check the S&P its up. This is despite us(the world) being in one of the biggest recessions of all time. I am finding the whole thing a little bit terrifying. It seems no matter what happens, stock markets will be kept up by money printing. Even if people are starving on the streets, you will see see the rich get richer. Something has to give here or does it. Where does this end?.
  5. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    Maybe true, but its the kind of standard I have come to expect by BackyardBullion. Most of his videos are great and very objective. Anyway, just to note, I used both Bullionvault and physical(selling and buying). If I was to only to go down the physical route I would be out a serious amount of money. I guess time will tell if I get bitten, but having done a lot of research on vaulting companies and weighing up all aspects, I would highly recommend.
  6. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    Well, if an opinion isnt balanced, its driven by something other then facts. This is the only point I was making. To form an opinion and to present an opinion all angles should be considered. Otherwise some credibility is lost in my opinion.
  7. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    Fine, and I really do enjoy your videos. Have a good day.
  8. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    My understanding it that they are accommodation towards big investors. But if you are a small investor not so much.
  9. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    You made some pretty damning comments about vaulting companies. You labelled all in one bracket by the title alone. But yet I cant call you biased. Im sorry but when you run a silver business you have more standards to uphold then the average poster in my opinion. You are saying none of these companies can be trusted. How would you feel if I came out saying BackyardBullions silver cannot be trusted( in my opinion) as its only 70 percent silver. If I was to make such a comment I would surely be expected to back up comments with something more then opinion, some hard evidence. Bullionvault have been in business for 20 years, they have a better track record than most companies out there.
  10. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    Im not sure on that but I know BullionVault are audited monthly by a third party to ensure all materials on their books is accounted for. Audits are made public.
  11. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    This is just how I feel about it. Sorry, no intention to be rude, just trying to be honest. I understand you dont like having silver\gold in numbers and I am with you there. My problem is you havent given both sides of the argument enough weight or even considered there are pros/cons to both approaches. E.g. what are the risks\cons of holding physical Gold. Let me try come up with some off the top of my head. Just as with vaulted services there are also dodgey dealers who may give you fake gold. Do your research. Will you hold 100k worth of Gold in your house?. It could be stolen or you could be targeted. Do your research. Will you instead hold in a private vaulting service?. How reliable is said service. Do your research. If you hold physical you are much less liquid. In most situations it will be harder to move to another asset. As above, you will lose thousands and thousands of euros holding going psychical route in some situations. E.g. if you are a short term investor looking to play by ear for a year.
  12. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    Opinions are one thing, but I felt like this wasnt a balanced opinion but an agenda. Let me give you an example, someone new would like to invest in silver. They decide to buy 1,000 ounces. The cheapest 100 ounce bar right now is 1647 at Bairds. The cost to buy 10 with VAT is 19,764 euro. Now lets take price at BullionVault to buy 100 ounce at current spot, 15,816 euro. Then at BullionVault you have a 7 euro monthly storage fee. But you will need to consider storing yourself with physical. Now when you sell you will have a small .8 percent fee at Bullionvault. But you may well do a lot better then selling physical both money wise and time wise. This is massive savings and you are saying in title "Vaulting is a really bad idea". I understand there are risks but Bullionvault have been in business for nearly 20 years. Its just downright terrible advice to ignore these services. I would have more confidence dealing with Bullionvault than some random guy on a forum but yet you are not saying this is a bad idea.
  13. TheApe

    BullionVault down.

    This is a very biased and self interest led video. A little bit disappointing, general good videos but you have lost a lot of respectability.
  14. How does people going to local shop and selling Gold move price so much in 1 day. Im not saying it wont have an impact long term but when you see moves like this throughout the day its paper gold.
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