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  1. Haha
    str8jacket reacted to Witcher in WW2 75th Anniversary Coin: have 5 $600 each   
    I am just interested on which bot did you use?
  2. Like
    str8jacket reacted to Russell in Are you waiting or buying?   
    I am buying everyday from Ebay, mixture of coins bars and pre 1920 and pre 1947 scrap.  Got a 10oz Kookabura and a 550g bag of pre 1947 coins today 🙂
  3. Like
    str8jacket got a reaction from BazzaC in New to forum, old to silver. Trapped in Ohio   
    I’m really new to this forum or any SILVER forum.
    Internet denizen for decades.
    Looking to learn new tricks and possibly buy and/or trade.
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