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  1. Thanks for the advice. It's good to know that.
  2. Received today from @kneehow2018. It's a shame my camera focus isn't the best.
  3. Some pre-47 shillings from @Stacker2020. 130 coins in all. A nice addition to the collection.
  4. My first British coins arrived today. Rather, first coins to have any actual value. Thanks @Grufflehog
  5. I'll buy them. Pm me your bank details and I'll get it paid.
  6. Thanks for that. That's very interesting to read. Given that generic rounds and bars are not currency (apart from the execptions) then they're presumably classed as chattels and don't even enter the equation unless any individual round/bar is sold for over £6,000. (If any form part of a set they must be taken together though.) I'll do some further research though. That HMRC manual looks like the place to go. I'll take a look at what it says about currency. I'm starting to think pooling will be by currency (USD, euros, etc.), but that's just a guess and I'll see what the guidance says. One thing I wrote above wasn't quite right. A chattel disposal is a chargeable gain if the disposal (not the profit) is for over £6,000. I'll edit that to correct it.
  7. Thanks. I think I'd prefer to pool them so that I don't have to keep track of individual coins. On the question of chattels, it was this page which alerted me to chattels. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/info/legal-tender/ It says that pre-1837 sovereigns are considered chattels. It also says a specific exemption applies to them. Does anyone know what that exemption is or is the exemption that they're chattels? If pre-1837 sovereigns are chattels does the same principle apply to pre-1947 shillings? I'm interested to know that because I've bought some of those off this forum!
  8. I'm in the process of putting together records of my PM purchases and sales for capital gains tax purposes. I've seen that HMRC says that for shares and crypto what you buy is pooled together, and when you sell some the capital gain is worked out on a proportional basis. My question is, does pooling apply to gold and silver? For example: If I bought a Krugerrand one day and a gold philharmonic on another day, would I pool those together? If the answer to that example is no, what about if I bought maples one day and another load of maples another day? Would those be pooled or must they be considered separate? I suspect the answer is that pooling does not take place, although I'd like some confirmation especially as it does seem to make sense at least when buying the same type of coin on a regular basis. Another completely separate question. Do gold and silver count as chattels? This seems relevant because it appears only a chattel disposal amounting to at least £6,000 is counted. Although gold and silver appear to meet the definition of a chattel the HMRC guidance doesn't include gold and silver in their examples of chattels and I can't find any guidance specific to gold and silver. Also, none of the discussion I've read about CGT for gold and silver have mentioned this £6,000 minimum disposal, making me think they're not chattels. Many thanks
  9. generalist

    Weighing gold

    50p 7.95 should be 8.0 £1 8.76 should be 8.75 1p coins varied between 3.52 and 3.58 - should be 3.56
  10. generalist

    Weighing gold

    I've received some scales today that weigh 100g to 0.01g. I've placed my 50g gold bar on it and it reads 49.93g. Is that within the realms of what can be expected? What is the typical variation to expect with gold? Are small amounts of weight shed over the years? Cheers
  11. I've amended the feedback to say what I bought. 👍
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