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  1. Little later but thanks to everyone who commented in this topic. The trade was smooth and here are the bois home. (The 10 pesos coin i bought same week in my LCS to make nice set ). And yes the 50 Pesos coin is realy hefty fat chunk of gold 😁 Here are some pics 😉
  2. on this macro photo it looks ok and not so tiny for 0,5 g but in rl ... damn
  3. I would have definetly lost this lil coin
  4. Thanks, ill flip it on scale and caliper, and then throw money in his face and call it a day
  5. Hi, I am beginner with coins especialy with the older ones, which do not have any counterfeiting features. Last week i was looking around one my nation language auction web and saw for sale Mexican 50 pesos Centenario coin with these two photos. So i am asking if any good soul with experience eye can tell me if this looks legit. The price looks good with around 3% premium over actual gold spot price. I am asking for help because this coin is one of my stacking goal. Thanks in advance for any opinion i will get. and
  6. Absolutly, RM did great job with their photo presentation on their eshop.
  7. My reaction was EXACTLY the same...in first moment i was like "omg i got half Sovereign" Yep 50 pesos piece with the side lettering!
  8. Hell yeah, these are hefty discs :D, but my next target is Mexican Libertad with the side lettering Ducats are ok for me to get, the mint is just across the border 😉
  9. i am still in the fase i got urge time to time to play with my collection but this size is not touchy touchy play range
  10. yeah absolutly, that is the opposite side, but for fresh noob collector as me, this realy got me unprepared
  11. Hi, this just ventilation of my toughts about my first real contact with my RM Sovereign (2020). And damn it is so small next time if i'll buy new type of coin/round i should definetly pay more attention to the specifications so i wount be that much awkwardly suprised whet it gets in my hands. On paper 22 mm sounds decent but man in that fat plastic capsule which comes with, it looks realy tiny Especialy if i have kilo silver bar next to it for little bit more money That is realy strong GSR in my face.
  12. Hi to all good ppl here, my knowledge about TSF is from BYB YT videos. I got in stacking freshly on start of this year. Main reason to join TSF was to check trading section and maybe snatch some good deal on silver because we all love VAT on silver :D:D:D:D. I am from the Czech Republic and i know it is strange to look for deal on (UK-worldwide) forum but one does never know. Best regards George S
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