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  1. hey, thank you! just started as you can tell well aware of the high markups, been buying a bit on ebay for roughly 1.8x spot and investing in silver mine stocks / storing some with companies, just trying to buy up a lot. didnt mean close to spot, just as close as possible. any other tips are also much appreciated, for now i assume best and safest way from the uk is to buy lots on bairdmint.com and have them store it? sorry if this is the wrong area of the forum.
  2. hey, I'm looking to buy up large quantities of 1oz silver coins, mainly from people trying to liquidate some parts of their collection, but also interested if you just sell a few. as close to spot rate as possible please, design not as important. also very thankful if someone knows about good deals, I'm based in the UK but can also have them delivered to France or Norway if there are better deals available. best tom
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