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  1. Peer review went down the toilet decades ago, it's not much of an indicator of the quality of a research paper these days. I don't know much about vaccinations, but it does appear to be the case at least that vaccinating early in a child's physical development carries a significantly higher risk of harm than vaccinating later and I am skeptical of combination vaccination shots; I believe that single shots are safer.
  2. Chinese State propaganda. A guy over in China (I forget his name, he's a white man who lives in China) predicted 2 months ago that the Chinese government would announce a "second wave" and blame the crisis on infected foreigners from America. He was 100% spot-on fxxking right. - I think it was "Serpentza" on YouTube.
  3. I've said this I don't know how many times, and I still think it's true: Linux is awesome as a server OS and it's awesome for experts who do programming and coding, but as an operating system for the average user, it is a steaming pile of poo. Linux has been around for more than 20 years, and in all that time it has never ever worked as advertised. People want an alternative to Windows, but Linux is too different from Windows. It simply does not do what Windows does. People install Linux to give it a go, and they quickly find out that no, you can't just stick that old game disk in and it'll run automatically, and no it won't recognize your printer, and no you can't get your graphics card to run without spending days begging for advice on snooty Linux forums and inputting many lines of code. Linux is an awful experience. I don't trust the Android OS, it's basically Big Brother hiding in your pocket, and while I don't know specifically about Mac OS, I do know that Apple care even less about privacy and security than Google or Microsoft so I find myself stuck with Windows. The best I can do is follow privacy and security tutorials to limit Microsoft's and other third parties access into my computer.
  4. The NHS is a sacred cow but it's very badly run and massively, massively top-heavy with executives and advisors. What government would dare risk the wrath of the public by reforming the NHS?
  5. What is being suggested is that the virus might (or might not) be natural, but was selected as candidate for use as a biological weapon. The fact that all the "medical research" specimens in the Wuhan laboratory have been destroyed is beyond highly suspicious.
  6. Marginally off-subject here, but I think this video about the origin of the Chinese Coronavirus is essential viewing. According to this it very likely DID come from a laboratory. I don't doubt that it did; the only question in my mind now is whether the virus is natural or engineered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssfy-vwMw0Y
  7. The title of the video is "Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid". Well, what does that mean? It starts with video clips of Bill Gates and others talking about the need to control population growth. Is that bad? The narrator insinuates that it is bad, but does not explain why. Later it goes on to talk about vaccines and profits, and towards the end of the video talks about control OF populations - but really only talks about bio-metrics. Biometrics could be dangerous - this we know already - but does it prove that Bill Gates is up to something nefarious? Innuendo, innuendo, innuendo. Lots of innuendo, no proof.
  8. I would be extremely cautious of any video hosted on the CorbettReport channel. Watching his 9/11 "whistleblower" videos, I noticed that in each one, no clear statement is made by the narrator to say what he is implying. Each video meanders, forcing you to watch 20 or 30 minutes of interview with no explanation of what the video is about. It's a tactic to get you time-invested into the videos and make you think that something important is being said to support a narrative of an overarching 9/11 conspiracy, when in reality none of the videos have anything to say at all. When someone is making a big claim - and we are talking about HUGE claims here - the major points should be laid out very clearly and very precisely in the first 5 minutes, and backed up by supporting evidence in the form of links to official documents, statements, and citations. A good video presentation will have the key points laid out in THE FIRST MINUTE. If a video starts with an ambiguous premise, and drags on minute after minute after minute after minute until you've been watching for 10 or 15 minutes and you still don't quite know what the narrator is driving at, it's probably a crackpot conspiracy theory.
  9. Good point SD. I do the same, I bought a high quality mechanical hard disk drive to keep all my important stuff backed-up on. I love SSD's but it's a lot easier and cheaper to recover data from a mechanical HDD if and when it fails.
  10. You could use free Cloud storage. I don't use it myself because I'm distrusting of companies like Google, and I've got a PC with lots of storage, but free is free. Google offers up to 15GB storage for free. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/free-online-storage/
  11. It's probably fixable, but honestly, unless you're using it to run an old operating system (for retro gaming or to run a program not supported on later OS's) I wouldn't waste time on it. Get rid of it and buy something newer. You could probably get a newer laptop than that for free.
  12. The scam goes deeper than wind and solar. Carbon has been demonized for decades by environmentalists and by the green energy industry - presumably to sell their product - but carbon is harmless. Ever see the movie Fern Gullly The Last Rainforest? The villain (Hexxus) is made of black goo - oil and sludge. That's an image that sticks with people for life: Oil = Monster. In reality, all that carbon being pumped out the back of your car is feeding the trees, and it's debatable whether man-made sources of CO2 (which is 3% of the total) have any observable effect on Global temperatures. It's not even clear whether natural CO2 (97%) has any effect on temperatures. Water vapour is the biggest greenhouse gas by far.
  13. Socialism is State control with the implicit threat of violence and punishment. To some degree I believe we must have State control: All tax is violence, but without taxation we would have no courts, no Armed Forces, no police, no emergency services, no national projects. We need these things, and so I believe that sometimes violence by the State against it's People is justified. But l believe in "small government" (the American conservative and capitalist ideal) rather than "Big Government" (the ideal of liberals and Socialists).
  14. I can give endless examples, but examples alone are not enough. Case in point: If I gave Communism as an example, I would also have to explain in terms that are concise and powerful why Communism is in fact identical to Socialism. I would leave that to Dinesh D'Souza.
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