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  1. I'd buy some more right now but I don't have a penny left to spare. I hope the price doesn't bump back up before pay day.
  2. I've put £1,200 into Royal Dutch Shell because it sounds like a safe enough investment (I at least don't expect to lose money on it) but really I have no idea how much it's going to be worth 5 or 10 or 15 years from now. Will it go back up to it's old 2018/2019 value, or will it NEVER return to that level?
  3. £4.86. Perhaps CineWorld will bounce back? I don't have a clue about reading balance sheets though.
  4. I see CineWorld have collapsed, they are closing all their cinemas in the UK. I had nearly £5.00 invested in them too.
  5. Returning to normal is taking a lot longer that I'd hoped. 3 weeks they said... Now we're into a second wave (or so they claim, personally I am very suspicious about the numbers) and can't help but feel a conspiracy theory atmosphere in the air like it's all to do with stopping Brexit and replacing Donald Trump and desensitizing us into living in a less free world. This is not the same world we were living in 1 year ago. But I am hopeful (if that's the right word) that oil is still going to be the big thing for decades to come. I've started putting some cash into Shell and BP on Trading 2
  6. I'm not a believer in electric cars, I think Governments will still get their fuel revenue by hook or by crook, I think ordinary ICE cars - especially secondhand - are often more economical in the short and long term, I think distance range is a major issue on the "cheapest" electric cars and that they will become unusable for many people when the battery ages and range drops below the necessary commuting distance, I think they have relatively short life-spans - the value of the car being almost entirely in the battery, I think they are not green - I think it's just "green theatre", I think h
  7. I guess you must have read *that* discussion about Goldsilver.be already. I ordered a 10oz silver coin from them that has a defect on it. It's not a big mark but it jumps out at you, and I don't believe they didn't notice it before they packaged it, and from what I've read of other people's experiences I think they're deliberately selling "grade B" coins as "grade A".
  8. I'm starting to wonder if the so-called "second wave" isn't being used as an excuse to suppress the British economy so as to soften us up to rejoin the EU.
  9. I've been wondering about that for a long time. Is there really a practical benefit to stacking physical silver or is it just a hobbyist prejudice against paper silver? All I care about is the money.
  10. Just a different design I guess. So long as they are the same weight it's fine.
  11. Sixgun is a conspiracy theory nut and he doesn't half come out with some tall-tales. But... In the case of microwave radiation from phones and towers, I am actually quite alarmed at the lack of diligence in proving their safety. There are plausible - or at least plausible-sounding - claims that even the early "1G" and 2G devices and towers were harmful, and I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. In the meantime I make a point of never keeping my mobile phone in direct contact with my body and I make voice calls infrequently and keep them short. There are.. what do you call them..
  12. I can appreciate that GoldSilver.be are little more than a one-man-band company and reimbursing a customer on such a big order would cripple them, but their attitude STINKS. If the carrier has lost the shipment what harm can it do them? Why aren't they making any attempt to help? i think their name is mud now, at least for anyone who uses this website.
  13. How odd. I'll try it on my tablet once it's charged up. Other videos on that guy's channel play fine, it's literally just that one single video.
  14. @jultorsk I think this is the best explanation I have seen yet, and the video quality is better than I've seen before.
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