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  1. Perhaps it's time The Silver Forum added Goldsilver.be to a "rogue trader" blacklist?
  2. Thankyou BB, I'll join the group order again. 🙂 Free storage should be okay until October so I guess there's plenty of time.
  3. I guess the next group order will be several months away, so I'd like to ship and order that is is currently in storage, but I can't find any explanation on the European Mint website on how to pay shipping. There's no "pay shipping now" button on my order page.
  4. I've got an ounce of platinum I bought a few months back. It's nice to see it's value against the dollar/pound/euro go up but I suspect the price will come back down again when the corona-panic is over. Longer term, my hope for platinum is that advances in engineering and electronics will make platinum more valuable. At the moment it's cheap; it could continue sliding into irrelevance or it could go way up in value one day. It's speculative.
  5. Thankyou Mike, that's a smart and insightful explanation. I'm still nervous of Trading 212 but I'll stick with it.
  6. I'm pretty streetwise (internet-wise?) these days about YouTubers are Redditors, but the comments sound authentic to me; these don't sound like posers, they sound like people who understand how investments and investment managers work and some of them are talking about lawsuits. £200 isn't a big deal but I was tempted to drip-feed in maybe £2000 over the course of a year or two. I don't dare risk it if Trading 212 are that shady.
  7. I put most of my money into Vanguard (into a 100% equity ISA ETF) but I wanted put a small amount of money into investing in specific companies that I like the sound of, which is why I got interested in the Trading212 platform - it looks very simple and for the most part you just click & buy. BUT after putting in £200 on the weekend I am already thinking I would be wise to get my money out of there sharpish after reading through the comments on a Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/StockMarket/comments/7cqloj/trading212_scam/ It looks like in 2017, Trading 212 were exposed for a massive scam. One guy invested $500,000 and Trading 212 simply gave him the middle-finger and refused to give him his money.
  8. Trivia note: They're not "The Royal Mail" anymore, they're just "Royal Mail" - a regular private company no different from Hermes or DHL.
  9. Michael Moore is a deceitful and delusional POS, but he's mostly correct on this one - or at least whoever made the documentary is. It's got some weak points but a lot of it is factual and accurate. IMO the green energy thing will continue to be a good investment for several years yet, but eventually reality will catch up and it'll come crashing down. Be ready to bail.
  10. Can anyone give me a quick-start skip-the-manual guide on how to get started in fractional shares? I like the idea of being able to put small sums of money into high-risk investments, but I don't know where to start and the guides I've found on the internet so far are a bit too lengthy and complicated - aimed more at people who know about the world of money rather than laymen like me.
  11. Peer review went down the toilet decades ago, it's not much of an indicator of the quality of a research paper these days. I don't know much about vaccinations, but it does appear to be the case at least that vaccinating early in a child's physical development carries a significantly higher risk of harm than vaccinating later and I am skeptical of combination vaccination shots; I believe that single shots are safer.
  12. Chinese State propaganda. A guy over in China (I forget his name, he's a white man who lives in China) predicted 2 months ago that the Chinese government would announce a "second wave" and blame the crisis on infected foreigners from America. He was 100% spot-on fxxking right. - I think it was "Serpentza" on YouTube.
  13. I've said this I don't know how many times, and I still think it's true: Linux is awesome as a server OS and it's awesome for experts who do programming and coding, but as an operating system for the average user, it is a steaming pile of poo. Linux has been around for more than 20 years, and in all that time it has never ever worked as advertised. People want an alternative to Windows, but Linux is too different from Windows. It simply does not do what Windows does. People install Linux to give it a go, and they quickly find out that no, you can't just stick that old game disk in and it'll run automatically, and no it won't recognize your printer, and no you can't get your graphics card to run without spending days begging for advice on snooty Linux forums and inputting many lines of code. Linux is an awful experience. I don't trust the Android OS, it's basically Big Brother hiding in your pocket, and while I don't know specifically about Mac OS, I do know that Apple care even less about privacy and security than Google or Microsoft so I find myself stuck with Windows. The best I can do is follow privacy and security tutorials to limit Microsoft's and other third parties access into my computer.
  14. The NHS is a sacred cow but it's very badly run and massively, massively top-heavy with executives and advisors. What government would dare risk the wrath of the public by reforming the NHS?
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