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  1. WhySoSerious

    Is This Usual?

    EM and silvercoins.ee prices suddenly started following the fluctuations of the spot price again. After being frozen for several hours.... and both "came back online" at the same time (or close to).... hmm... 🤨
  2. I don't know about you guys'n gals, but I'm always struggling with the silver price: wishing it to go down (so that one could stack some more), but at the same time, hoping it would moonshot up (so that one could justify stacking up to this point)? Never good. Never. Sorry about the offtopic.
  3. WhySoSerious

    Is This Usual?

    https://silvercoins.ee/ They are really on short inventory now, their webshop was closed after the recent (a month ago?) spot price crash. But now back online (with limited inventory). They were SLOW to update their prices also before, so maybe it's just that. Still.... can't stop thinking about what's going on, when both of them seem to have "frozen" prices ATM. But as said, it could also just be a technical glitch, in which case I should just start unrolling the tinfoil from around my head... EDIT: Who says they need to follow the spot price? I was more pissed off when EM initially seemed to follow the spot price, and then suddenly yanked the price up by 1,25e/oz, while spot was flat or even going down. Having frozen (or "limit down") prices is more open IMHO, compared to the "unpredictable"-premiums MO... Regardless if we are talking about EM or silvercoins.ee or ANY dealer, one should ALWAYS follow prices for a longer period, before making purchases. That way it's easier to recognize these unusual price behaviors.
  4. WhySoSerious

    Is This Usual?

    Funny enough, just as I said they should just lock or freeze their prices, it seems that their prices stopped following the spot. The spot just took a sharp 40c/oz down and then 30c/oz up.... but the prices were frozen on that site. Could also just be a technical glitch? Or... not? Even more funny, that the same "freezing" seems to have happened to their Estonian competitor. Makes me wonder what is the relation between these two companies.... there is also one other incident that makes me wonder are they actually two companies, or one company operating through two different websites......
  5. WhySoSerious

    Is This Usual?

    Recommended reading. Don't bother following the spot price, if you plan on buying from EM. Even if the spot price goes down, EM premiums often go up more than the spot price went down. Without any warning, even in the middle of a trading day. I don't know why they even bother to adjust their prices? Why don't they just say the price what they are willing to sell for, as obviously spot price fluctuation (at least down) seems to be irrelevant to their pricing policies. edit: added stuff
  6. Answering to the topics main question: I'm currently leaning towards waiting/holding. Too turbulent to sell ones safe haven assets, but at the same time (some/many) bullion/coin dealers have gone mental with their premiums. You always know, that it's not a good time to buy, when FB, Instagram, Ebay and whatnot are going crazy with selling a certain article. Sure, I might be wrong and pissed off later, if silver goes to 50 or whatever -but on the other hand, then situation might be so dire, that cash might also be good to have in hand.... edit:typo
  7. I hear ya.... overtaxing, over regulating, over governing. Bureaucratic kleptocracy. Socialism in it's purest and sickest form here nowadays. I can't believe how we ended up like this, I mean Soviet Union collapsed, and yet now we have a puppet government that takes orders from Commissars of the Central committee??? Sorry about offtopic, but that rant above is one BIG reason I started stacking. To unchain me and my assets from all that c**p.
  8. Thanks! Interesting nick name you have selected .... I would have located you maybe in a slightly different area (than Australia) on the world map, based on your nick name...😄
  9. Like I said: Sure, it is possible that they (EM) will some day decrease their premiums like wise, in the middle of the trading day...... but I won't be holding my breath for that. (And I'm probably not going to notice that anyways, as personally I'm not going to be following them anymore (what's the point in following, since it seems the price can be what ever from one second to the next?) But I would sure be posting about 2 euro surprise drop, If that would happen (and I would notice it) -in the "Deals" topic. 😁 With the premiums we are currently seeing, I wouldn't think twice about a price drop like that. And as said: for those of who are totally cool with this kind of price action, just go for it then. Business between EM and other persons is non of my business.🙂
  10. Thanks! And welcome to Finland, when you get a chance. The Northern lights are some times tricky to catch, it's never 100% guaranteed. But if you are into outdoors stuff, there is plenty to see in Northern Finland, other than Northern lights. Crispy winter night by the fire... that's the stuff. The wilderness is something all should experience one day. It puts all this city dwelling into perspective.
  11. Haven't ever done business with them.... and reading between the lines.... hmmm....😏 But I promise IF I some day deal with them..... I'll be sure to post about it then.🙂
  12. Yes, I understand that the spot price (and the item price with it) will change constantly, and yes, all changes are possible until you commit to buy. What I meant with "in the middle of trading" was BOTH in the middle of transaction AND in the middle of trading day (while spot price is changing, it only halts for a short period in mid of night). What I´m a little annoyed here is that they decided to increase their PREMIUM suddenly by a substantial amount. Sure, it's possible that they will some day decrease their premiums like wise, in the middle of the trading day...... but I won't be holding my breath for that. I always keep my eye on the spot price while doing the purchases, and I'm totally cool with prices fluctuating during the transaction, following the spot price behavior. But a snap increase of a PREMIUM by 1,25e per oz.... that I have never seen, I hope to never see again. There is not much point in eyeing the spot price, if the item price can jump up like this, is there? And as said, everybody is free to price their products as they wish. If one is cool with this kind of pricing policy and wishes to support the company in question, knock yourself out. They have plenty of product in stock. Personally I'm moving my purchases to their competitor. 🙂 Perhaps my message here is: "know that this kind of stuff really happens and be ready for it" ..and: probably not worth spending time following the prices of companies that behave like this, as prices can change to where ever, when ever...? Edit: added one line Edit 2: added one more line
  13. One overtaxed white collar from Finland. New to forum, relatively new to silver stacking. Got into stacking after watching Youtube (Gregory Mannarino, Silver Report Uncut, Bull Boom Bear Bust, Jeremiah Babe, Maneco64, Uneducated Economist, StackingThreePrecenter, The MoneyGPS, GoldSilver/Mike Maloney, RoadToRoota, Silver Slayer, etc). Currently a little undecided on how to continue (with silver stacking) and what to hope for silver price (the PHYSICAL silver price, incl. premiums): lower price to be able to stack some more, or moonshot price to cash in on current stack? I don't know. At the same time, a little worried about the economy overall, I mean negative interest rates and negative oil price...?? I'm not an economist, but those things just CAN'T be good. Negative interest rates and negative prices will eventually mess up so many fundamental things in economy. Anyways, cheers to everyone on the forum! edit:typo
  14. A funny story about this European Mint company from yesterday evening: I was about to order a batch of the 2 oz Kookaburras from them. Price was around 37,80e per piece, while spot was around 13,70e/oz. Then suddenly (in the middle of trading), the price shot up to WAY over 40e/piece (while spot price remained around the same or was even dropping). That's a snap increase of around 1,25e PER OUNCE. Sure, it's a free world and everybody can price their products as they want.... but I personally made my decision on EVER making any business transactions with this company. I'll let everyone guess which way the decision went, I'm not going to state it here. Oh yeah BTW that listing has been there for more than a week already and it's a PRE-order, so no point in saying any "well our premiums went up too"-stuff. edit:typo
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