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  1. Thank you! It appears that it is a special members medal and now I look closer, I can see the broken part from the top that attaches to the ribbon.
  2. Hi guys! I am a new member and I have to say, I am loving the forum! I am new to PM but was given a few random coins years ago and have just stumbled across them again. I have no clue what this one is, but figured here would be a good place to ask. Does anyone know what it is? Is it even a coin? .
  3. Yes, I come across both backyard bullion and stacker noob. I have looked into PM a few times over the years and am finally able to invest. Thank you!!
  4. Hi guys!! I am new here and in fact new to PM. I am based in the UK and cant wait to begin a little stack. I am reading and leaning a lot and can't wait to get to know everyone going forward!
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