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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
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    Mainly stacking American Silver Eagles and Constitutional Silver. That said, for the right price I am picking up Silver Rounds, Silver Bars and even some High Premium stuff if I can make the numbers work (ie. Buy 3... sell 2, the one I keep is free or less than SPOT).
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    ASE, Half Dollars (Benjis, Liberties, Kennedies), 1 oz Silver Rounds, 1 oz Silver bars

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  1. Hello All, Selling my 2010 Early Release Yellowstone 5 Oz Silver Quarter. NGC Graded MS69. The case has some wear and the label inside can slip around but it's easy enough to get it to fall back into place. $200 Shipped USPS Priority Mail via Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal FF, Paypal G&S add 3% Let me know if you have questions.
  2. Are you heading towards Atlanta any time soon?
  3. Feel free to kid. If you find some more and can do 13X Or better I am always interested. I don’t mind sleeping in the dog house. 😜
  4. Probably for the best... my wife was probably gonna kill me if I bought anymore silver this week.
  5. Any wiggle room if we buy more than 1 lot? I am interested in the Quarter/Half lot and one of the Merc Lots.
  6. Not sure of the right protocol here... @Vrey20 and I finished our deal, but like the post says, I am always on the lookout for a great deal. Should have added to the list that I would entertain Morgan and Peace dollar offers as well. If protocol says to close this out and open a new post later, I am happy to do so.
  7. I would be generally curious on prices. What is junk silver at? 12x 13x 14x face? I'm always on the lookout for any type of 1oz round or bar at or near spot. My LCS is great because they have everything but they are very "proud" of what they have. Everything is really expensive. I can generally beat them any day at SD or JM Bullion. Another thing I would really like to find a great source for is Morgans and Peace Dollars. Everywhere around town (for me) these start at about $30 a piece. You can find culls for $27 or so. Wonder what type of pricing you have.
  8. Working through PM but looks like we have a deal for $8.50 in quarters and $4.60 in dimes.
  9. These look great. Thanks for sharing pictures. PM me a price + shipping and how you would like to be paid (Venmo/Paypal/Zelle?).
  10. Do you have a price in mind or just taking bids? If bids. I will kick us off at $1. 🙂
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