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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
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    Mainly stacking American Silver Eagles and Constitutional Silver. That said, for the right price I am picking up Silver Rounds, Silver Bars and even some High Premium stuff if I can make the numbers work (ie. Buy 3... sell 2, the one I keep is free or less than SPOT).
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    ASE, Half Dollars (Benjis, Liberties, Kennedies), 1 oz Silver Rounds, 1 oz Silver bars

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  1. Where about... I might be interested in one of the hanging gardens if I can save the shipping?
  2. Does the Hanging Gardens look more proof like, like the Colossus coin? Good luck selling all of these. If I had some extra scratch I would probably buy one of each from you!
  3. Hello all, Breaking up a Pre-33 type set and need to sell the $20, $10, and $2.50 Liberty Head Gold Coins PRICES UPDATED All coins are Circulated/Jewelry grade and may have been cleaned in the past. I bought this in a large collection and have not cleaned them myself. $20 1897S (.96749 ozt) - $1950 $10 1893 (.48375 out) - SOLD! $2.50 1878S (.12095 ozt) - $300 Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail Insured - Buyer Pays $10 and I will pay to fully insure shipment If you prefer a different shipping option, happy to do that but you pay full shipping and insurance costs. Accept PayPal FF, Papyal Goods and Services, CashApp, Venmo (Will consider BTC or ETH)
  4. I got a whole bag of coins, tokens, etc from my mom several months ago and finally got around to going through it. Most of it is "junk" foreign copper but a couple of tokens jumped out at me. I have done some minor digging around on google and eBay for potential pricing, but didn't know if anyone here was a history buff and may be able to shine more light on these coins. Its 4 tokens. Each photo is the front and back of 2 different tokens. 4
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been lurking on the forums for some time now, but never took the time to introduce myself on this forum. I recently updated my profile to include this but thought I would share it here. Just started collecting Silver late last year. I have managed to acquire somewhere around 75-100 oz of silver between 1oz coins/rounds/bards and Constitutional Silver since last november. Trying to bite the bullet and get into a few gold pieces. Started a Youtube channel at the beginning of the year around Silver Stacking and Coin Roll Hunting. Most of my content to-date though is around coin roll hunting. I am super cheap by nature so the idea of paying premiums really gets to me so I am always on the lookout for Spot Deals or below spot deals. I live in the metro Atlanta,GA area and have been toying with the idea of how some of us could come together for group buys to keep costs down, but it probably works best for people in close proximity. (ie. Group buy power diminishes if you have to mail out a ton of packages all over the place.) Let me know what you guys think about this. Even if we look at a handful of people coming together to buy tubes of eagles or maple leafs or whatever. I am too small of a stacker to go after a monster box myself. 🙂
  6. I would say they are worth the price of the silver you are giving away... so today its around $16.42
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