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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
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    Mainly stacking American Silver Eagles and Constitutional Silver. That said, for the right price I am picking up Silver Rounds, Silver Bars and even some High Premium stuff if I can make the numbers work (ie. Buy 3... sell 2, the one I keep is free or less than SPOT).
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    ASE, Half Dollars (Benjis, Liberties, Kennedies), 1 oz Silver Rounds, 1 oz Silver bars

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  1. Selling a Lot of American Silver Eagles... Willing to break them up. $38 each if bought individually $36 each for 2-5 $35 for 6+ Condition varies... most are in BU or BU-like condition but with age or tarnish/patina. EzEst takes this off easily but I will only do that to coins I plan on keeping. Happy to dip/treat yours as well after receiving funds. Let me know. 1987 x 0 1989 x 0 (2 SOLD) 1990 x 0 (2 SOLD) 1991 x 0 (2 SOLD) 1994 x 0 (1 SOLD) 1995 x 0 (1 SOLD) 2000 x 0 2001 x 0 2002 x 0 2003 x 0 2005 x 0 2006 x 0 2007 x 0 2013 x 0 2014 x
  2. Based on the description I would say they are 90%. He has another thread for his 40% I wish I had the money to buy them all! I did PM jbh earlier to get a final price on some quarters, so don't buy those out from under me. 🙂
  3. So to be more clear... if we are looking at btc, I would take the cash value, do a straight conversion to btc at whatever the current btc and spot price is and send it to a wallet that you would provide? So at the moment I am typing this it would be something like .010237 btc.
  4. Hey... if I wanted to do BTC... how much for 2 Rolls of Washingtons? Are they good or slick? Not in a hurry so I'm ok if Spot fluctuates between now and when you get back to me.
  5. I got a whole bag of coins, tokens, etc from my mom several months ago and finally got around to going through it. Most of it is "junk" foreign copper but a couple of tokens jumped out at me. I have done some minor digging around on google and eBay for potential pricing, but didn't know if anyone here was a history buff and may be able to shine more light on these coins. Its 4 tokens. Each photo is the front and back of 2 different tokens. 4
  6. Hi Everyone, I have been lurking on the forums for some time now, but never took the time to introduce myself on this forum. I recently updated my profile to include this but thought I would share it here. Just started collecting Silver late last year. I have managed to acquire somewhere around 75-100 oz of silver between 1oz coins/rounds/bards and Constitutional Silver since last november. Trying to bite the bullet and get into a few gold pieces. Started a Youtube channel at the beginning of the year around Silver Stacking and Coin Roll Hunting. Most of my content to-date thoug
  7. I would say they are worth the price of the silver you are giving away... so today its around $16.42
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