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  1. well done but I dont know how you guys get away with it!? I tried to order my second one a few weeks back and got a phone call straight away saying It was against their policy and they will be issuing me a refund
  2. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/french-20-gold-franc#pi2 Not sure if anyone is interested in "French 20 Gold (5.8g) Francs" but HGM have them 3% over spot (+post £6.95) Cant really grumble at fractional gold at 3% over spot I guess 🤠
  3. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/half-gold-britannia Came across this. Not bad in my opinion 🤠 Gold Half Britannia 4% over spot (+post £6.95) > Sold Out Now <
  4. Appreciate you sharing @TheApe I actually picked one up as soon as you posted the deal last week.
  5. Cheers @Foster88 I literally just got mine! what a beautiful coin, what a story and what a bargain!
  6. Cheers @Melon I also noticed the 7.08g on the site and reference to 1/4toz everywhere else before I ordered mine last week. But to be honest I went for it as personally (even though I do not have any Irish heritage) I think the coin has a really cool story behind it man. I love a bit of gold with a back story to it. What I will say though is their communication is awful. They have not responded to any questions nor have I received a shipping email update, however if I log into the site and click on order details it does say "shipped" maybe you can have a look at that on your account @Melon
  7. @Melon any more clarification on this pal? Also has anyone else on the thread recived theirs yet?
  8. Another question off the back of the first one Is there such a thing as scrap sovereigns due to their condition that sell for spot?
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