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  1. There often seems to be one about midnight.
  2. What time is this here? Like 2AM?
  3. Yes that's why I was wondering if buying late at night could actually lead to a better deal (less demand). I may have a look and post back.
  4. I have noticed that prices tend to be lower in the morning on the EM website. It got me thinking is there a better and worse time to buy? For example, might prices be cheaper in the middle of the night, or is there a gradual rise to the middle of the day? Does anyone have experience with this?
  5. Silvs

    Silver ETF?

    I understand a lot of what you're saying here but the thing is a UCITS fund (EU) may not be so stable for a UK based investor right now either 😂
  6. Silvs

    Gold ETF

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with these? How have you found them? How are they taxed and are there and hints and tips for investing in these?
  7. Silvs

    Silver ETF?

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with these? How have you found them? How are they taxed and are there and hints and tips for investing in these?
  8. Thanks. You would avoid 1/10 Oz then?
  9. Tbh it's because its gold is pricey, I'm new to this and don't have major amounts of money. I was unaware of the premiums on 1g of gold when I posted this.
  10. Silvs

    Is This Usual?

    What is this other company and is it really not following the spot price? That's pretty shocking.
  11. Thanks for that - its interesting because the spot is way higher than that on most websites, even accounting for the higher prices now.
  12. Ah, is it worth looking at the likes of twitter for this kind of thing? Just for absolute clarity, do you mean 5-10% or £5-10? Because that seems really cheap! Yes it is difficult at this time, you don't want to overpay but don't want to miss out on any potential PM rush either. I may just just buy 1 or 2 ounces of silver on the next group order and then sit and wait.
  13. Thank you for your response, there is one online now for £66.10! That seems too much even for a novice like me - good to know they are more seen as gifts than investments. What is the typical premium on fractional gold such as a tenth of an ounce? I've yet to make my first purchase (gold or silver) and I'm finding it difficult to know what to do here.
  14. Hello, Quick question here. I am new to this and have noticed the premiums on gold seem to be a lot higher than the premiums for silver. Would what be a reasonable/good premium to pay for a gram and for an ounce of gold? There are deals going for grams of gold that 33% over spot or a tenth of an ounce for over nearly 20% over spot. It does seem over the top on first viewing but I could be wrong.
  15. Silvs

    Is This Usual?

    The things is I don't have any PM so it's a difficult one for me. 😂 There's only so long you can wait before you worry your missing out on a rush.
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