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  1. Wanted the above mentioned coins certified or not as single sovereign or 5£. coon set in attractive prices as well.
  2. I think 69 is almost perfect. When I mean perfect I mean unopened capsules, without scratches on the capsules and the box in good condition. I don’t think that anybody could estimate (before grading) If they will be certified with 69 or 70 but for sure can guarantee that there are no signs in the coins.
  3. Wanted sovereign from 1989 (3 coins set or 4 coins set) in perfect condition. Offers with pm. Thank you.
  4. Thank you Marc but I have a better offer. Offers with PM please.
  5. I am interested for 2002 proof sovereign as well , single or for a whole set.
  6. Wanted 2016 Butler effigy sovereign, certified or not. please pm your offers
  7. Wanted sovereign billion, BU or proof from 1989, 2005 for international shipping. offers with PM thank you
  8. Thank you everybody for the welcome.
  9. I would like to say hallo to the community. I am coming from Greece and I collect sovereigns.
  10. Could you please tell me the price with shipping cost to Greece?
  11. Thank you I would prefer to send it after two weeks because courier services face great issues with long delays to their deliveries.. i am thinking to send it for certification, I hope that there is no other issue except of the fingertips .
  12. If you change your mind about international shipping please let me know.
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