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  1. I have two orders placed with EM for nearly 3 months paid for postage 6 weeks ago and still not received items or notification of shipment. I asked a couple of times and was told you will get them but 6 weeks after postage paid? I mean GS.be has been way better for me ..
  2. Same here, had stuff cheaper from Bairds (with VAT) cheaper than GSBE or EU
  3. Baird is usually cheaper than anyone in the UK.
  4. Where exactly was it from?
  5. At that price I'd have a monster box straight away
  6. Prices are shooting up I see..since i got a monster box from baird not long a go i keep a box in basket and refresh every now and then..Lowest was £6990 week today was 7350, 7325 as we speak.
  7. https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/270-1-oz-silver-kangaroo-2020.html under 17 quid a pop is you get them in euro's
  8. I think I'll go for them Queen's beasts deal from EM..I got some silver with them awaiting to be delivered also.
  9. I wouldn't mind if you have a good deal you could post it on here yourself?
  10. Good find! Also love this ones and it fits the bill too. https://goldsilver.be/en/home/2842-canada-2-oz-silver-mounted-police-2020-10.html
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