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  1. Hi TSF, I clocked some Silver Britannia 1/10oz coins on the royal mint site the other week. As always thought about checking them out but they are gone and can't find them anywhere else. Can't seem to find any information about them too, are these a rare mintage or something?
  2. Such a nice coin that is! Just clocked it sold out on the EU-Mint site and was gutted.
  3. This is my entry into the silver forum writing competition. I’m a newbie to precious metals but one of the first things I learned was the importance of research, patience and understanding in this volatile market and the nature of metals. It’s not a get rich scheme like so many of us new folk can like to envision of such things. Like buy some gold or silver today and sell it for more next week. There’s risks involved that if you’re not careful will reach deep into your pockets and leave a nasty taste in your mouth. A healthy amount of distrust as well as common sense will help ke
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