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  1. Dropping like my stack in that boating accident.
  2. Exactly. Full on, government controlled technocracy, social credit, the end of privacy and personal liberty will soon follow. Digital currency is the next currency and likely the last.
  3. Never trust a guarantee from the government. They wouldn't waste the time and tech to put something like that in place unless it served them.
  4. And I'll take it if that was not clear. 😁 Thank you!
  5. If you need the 500 sure. Otherwise, Govt's around the globe are going bankrupt and at least in the US printing money with no real consideration of the problems they will cause. As fiat currency is devalued gold is likely to climb much higher. May be worth holding for larger gains down the road.
  6. Don't swallow it! TSA loves a good treasure hunt. 😳
  7. You have your own individual passports and plane tickets, my guess would be $10k each. Probably different if it was you and a child under 18. But, don't take my word for it I am not an immigration lawyer and I never put any devious, underhanded and intrusive tact out of reach of the government. I hope you are able to find your answer.
  8. I want to keep a detailed ledger for my purchases, trades and sales of PM. I would like to do it right the first time. Do any of you recommend a specific pre-made ledger book or specific spreadsheet you can share. Otherwise, I will build my own and am interested to hear what data is most important to include. Item, quantity (#/oz), spot, price, premium ($ or %), direction of market at time of purchase, running total oz and dollar value... anything I am missing? I included direction of market because that can be filled in after the fact by looking at 3 day or weekly trends around my purchases, and coupled with what I was thinking at the time of purchase can help me to better factor for my own psychology and over time become a wiser and less impulsive investor. Thank you.
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