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  1. TonyC

    Help a Newbie!

    Hi. I also live in Spain and have recently purchased from www.andorrano-joyeria.com/. I am very pleased and will buy from them again. Obviously better for us to deal in Euro.
  2. TonyC

    Gold Jewelry

    Or..just send me a PM of what you have and i will make an offer. I am a ameture jeweler and i am always looking for materials to use. Tony
  3. Another hijacked thread, can't be bothered to read anymore.
  4. So I've still got time to get in 😀
  5. Please tell, how do i stack silver properly. Would love the help. Other people say why buy now . Well, you've got to start somewhere.
  6. What would you have expected to pay for the same coin this time last year?
  7. I am buying scrap gold jewelry at the moment, whenever i can. Because I am an ameture jeweler and have an interest in creating something else from the scrap. The ideal price to pay would be just below spot price for the puraty of the piece, however i have found it impossible to do that. If you can pay spot plus, and then plus delivery you have done well IMO.
  8. Why isn't German silver , silver ?
  9. TonyC

    where to buy gold

    Hi, I have already purchased some gold bars from a forum member who lives in Italy. Makes more sense to deal in euro and the postage was cheap. However , you could PM me , with what you have for sale and prices. You never know . Tony
  10. TonyC

    where to buy gold

    Thanks. I am looking at the coins on the site right now. Bit complicated though ! Before i found tsf most of my research was on gold and silver bars. So now i need to read up on coins . Here i go !!
  11. TonyC

    where to buy gold

    Thanks for everyone's help , keep it coming. Certainly given me some studying to do.
  12. TonyC

    where to buy gold

    Hi, i am in Mallorca . Don't really mind being in the house because I am very lazy lol. But miss the local bar !!
  13. TonyC

    where to buy gold

    Worse places to be 🙂
  14. TonyC

    where to buy gold

    Thanks for the help. Its probably understandable that i am a bit nervous about being scammed by buying a fake. Hard earned and all that. By the way , i am here because i am English , we speak the same language, and i would probably feel more comfortable buying off here from respected people on the forum. If there are any good deals that is. Also the help is appreciated.
  15. TonyC

    where to buy gold

    I understand that it is a bit difficult right now but i notice on many bullion dealer sites, that they will hold the price on that day and deliver the physical gold whenever possible. Its just that there are so many dealers and so many products. I will now search for what is for sale on this site again. If anyone could let me know if they notice any good deals.
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