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  1. Hello and welcome to The silver forum
  2. When I started out I was buying silver from some expensive UK dealers and bought a sizeable amount. Then I learned about EU silver from a BYB video and started looking into customs and how the prices are cheaper in the EU. Coins after that were around £12 cheaper an ounce. Felt a bit silly for not starting buying from the EU sooner. It would’ve been so many extra ounces stacked.
  3. Discounted price on Australian Kangaroo for 48 hours at coininvest. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/australian-kangaroo/1-oz-nugget-kangaroo-gold-coin-2021 About £30 premium on a new 1oz coin at the moment. Edit: Just tried buying, £1386 with customs declaration fees and postage. Not worth it. I sincerely apologise, I forgot about declaration cost on orders over 1000.
  4. True, these posts are always good as reference points and keeping an eye on new fakes; so thankyou. It shocks me how these pieces sell for high amounts on eBay while the listings and coins look quite fake. I was only making a joke on how they hardly put any effort into scams now.
  5. The sovereign is 1oz in the description. If you're going to scam, atleast put some effort and try to make it believable. The scammer has lost my respect now 😂
  6. The beard hair really seems to be a recurring theme here. Possibly someone using electric shavers at work haha. Honestly, its sad to see what the RM are becoming now. These would be proof coins so their original argument of maintaining a difference between their bullion and proof varieties is null at this point. Looking forward to your video BYB
  7. Will take one if you wouldn't mind selling a single piece.
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any questions in the gold section, everyone would be quite happy to answer them.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing you around the subforums.
  10. I'm waiting till silvertrader lists it, would come in a capsule with post included for cheaper.
  11. It will never be reinstated. However, assuming they did. Countries would need to buy massive amounts of gold. Also the gold price would need to be adjusted by the governments to reflect the amounts of cash and money in circulation. (Just like the US did after confiscation; instant $10 profit on confiscated gold) It’s not practical considering how complex our economies are now. BoE’s take on Fiat “One advantage of a system that uses fiat money is that the amount of money in circulation can be responsive to changing economic conditions. This can support the smooth functioning of the economy. By contrast, the total amount of money circulating in the economy during the Gold Standard was ultimately limited by the amount of gold that could be mined.” Source: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/knowledgebank/what-is-money
  12. badar

    eBay yet again

    Atleast it’s a credit card, you’re covered over £100 and they will reimburse you if anything happens. Although probably the payment will go through. I once had a issue on a non pm payment where the company was being annoying after they charged a lot incorrectly. I just disputed on my app and got refunded immediately.
  13. Officially I haven’t seen one yet. Although if I remember correctly Alun did make new trays to accommodate the coins in his regular box.
  14. It’s letting me add to basket and go to checkout. Worth trying again if you’re after it.
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