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  1. Thanks a lot @BackyardBullion, my bar arrived today and it’s a beautiful piece. So glad to finally own one of your art pieces.
  2. You can report all you want, eBay wouldn’t do anything. The only time they’ll remove something is when a company complains about intellectual property infringement etc. Otherwise these sales make eBay so much money; they’re happy to turn a blind eye to things like these. They used to be better back in the day though.
  3. I was going to pull the trigger yesterday at 19.50 eur/oz but woke up to 20.60 eur. I am going to hold back as i do expect it to fall a little bit before take off. IMO the price will come down in June then a bullish run post august. I'll add 80-100 ounces next time it falls; as i only bought 40 ounces in march at £14.5 each Regretting my sale of a kg silver bar 2 days ago. Thought I'd sell for £620 and buy from baird at £520. It sold at £620 but Baird is now £580 🙄
  4. It looks alright. 2 grams of 22 karat gold which has a melt value of £80.69 (they say the price will be £199 in after 30th June which is more like their usual pricing). Personally, I feel that Hattons of London sells overpriced trash. However this coin hasn’t got that bad of a premium. You must remember that it might not have a good premium when selling it on as it isn’t minted by the royal mint.
  5. I keep my stash in a shoebox. It has 120 ounces of silver in it. However if you’re stacking, there so many little places you can spread them around. Best way to save space is to keep them in tubes. Milk spots or tarnishing can be solved by storing in an air tight container; while also having anti-tarnishing strips in it (replace every three months). If you keep coins in capsules or sealed tubes then most should not tarnish.
  6. I’d also love to buy one at least. Preferably number 094 or a random number that suits you (069 would be great too 😄). I’ve been watching your videos for ages but never actually got round to buying from you. Thanks a bunch 🙂
  7. That proof coin is a collectors item if you want it but these ones usually lose value generally in the second hand market. If you want to invest by weight then it’s not worth it. It is 8 grams of .925 (Sterling silver), which means 7.4 grams of pure silver. At the current spot price the silver in it is worth £2.83 A Troy ounce is 31.15 grams of silver and can be bought at £16-22 Best value for silver content will be bullion grade coins and regular bars. Get whichever one is cheaper at the time.
  8. badar

    Is This Usual?

    The price has been fluctuating a bit on those as I’ve been following their coins for a while. It does fall down to around €19.50 occasionally. You could wait for a dip in price to grab some; but obviously can’t guarantee anything as the price can also just go up. Nothing wrong with waiting a few days to see if its a price you’re comfortable with.
  9. I'd be interested in taking two of the same year if possible. How much would you want with postage?
  10. Yeah your advice is better. I’ll keep a lookout for any dips in price and then start buying.
  11. Thanks a bunch for the insightful replies. I think I'll pull the trigger on a britannia at £1448 later today, before the price rises. If it falls a bit later in the year, I'll grab one or a few more to lower the average. Although, It just stings that my father bought gold at £750 an ounce in 2013 😭.
  12. I wanted to know everyones opinions regarding the price now. Would you recommend to buy now or wait until the end of the year to see if prices drop after the pandemic settles around October? I do realise quantitative easing may have an impact on gold prices rising too. I am a bit double minded on buying at the moment. I already have a fair amount of silver but now I want to get into gold. Just wanted to gather everyones opinions and obviously its all speculation as the price can go either way.
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