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  1. @SPGfuntime you crack me up! But unfortunately that is the sad truth! US parcels get delivered a lot faster than anything in EU.
  2. Thanks guys for letting me know your opinion about platinum. I certainly will re-think twice before purchasing platinum.
  3. I do believe is undervalued, but there must be a reason to that. I think it is used also in medical field, car industries, jewelry, but the most impact that hit Platinum is the car industry. I will try and find some articles to read about platinum.
  4. Yeah, that sounds a bit safer than going full ounces. Thanks for that tip. 👍 Do you think that since manufacturing of diesels engines has been reduced to impact the Platinum even more?
  5. Hey y'all, Is it worth buying a coin of 1 oz Platinum, given the spot price is around $915 ? I am new to bullion investing, I don't have much experience. But I tend to believe right now it is selling time and not buying. But there's emotion that wants to take over of me and buy a platinum coin. Not sure if that is rational or not. Would love your advice guys!
  6. Let me know if you find a different web store that is faster and has lower prices. Would love to purchase some from there. Thanks!
  7. @SPGfuntime Have you received the parcel yet? Or has it been dispatched ?
  8. If you payed for storage, then that means they won't send you the parcel. You will have to pay for the delivery with Capital Logistics and afterwards they will send the package. Yes, it takes longer now, due to the COVID19. Also, they really do sell loads of silver and gold. I never had a problem with them before.
  9. This will be the future. Not sure how they will handle the satellites maintenance over the time. That could become a problem to the system online time.
  10. @Marmite, welcome to the forum! ✌
  11. The European Mint are trustworthy, don't worry, you will get your orders. It is a difficult time and will take a little longer than usual.
  12. Hey all. I have no experience with this, however my understanding is that precious metals like gold and silver are exempt from taxes. Not sure if that apply for importing these!? 😕
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