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  1. I am disappointed as well, I wanted to send it back but unfortunately there is none available in stock to change it with, so I decided to keep it. Like you, I think I am going to consider it a struck error and I may send it for grading. Thanks for taking your time @SilverJacks to explain all this, appreciated!
  2. So funny the way you described it. But, I bet something similar has happened. It is disappointing it has passed the Quality Control. Unfortunately, the dealer doesn't have it in stock anymore, so I am thinking to keep it. It may not be a good decision at all .
  3. Hey everyone, I just got this newly ordered coin and noticed a defect on the obverse. I don't have experience with technical details and would love to ask someone here about the shiny mirror-like spot. Let me know if you think it would impact the coin value. You can view the coin in the below video:
  4. @HawkHybrid you are spot on regarding the BU = Brilliant Uncirculated. Also the EUMint is not cheap at all. I am buying from other sources and I have never received a milk spotted coin from them, also the price is way less than the EU Mint. However, some coins I can't find them so when I make a purchase from EUMint I also include other coins like Britannia or Royal Arms + plus some extra coins that I can't find. Anyways, in conclusion EUMint is not cheap!
  5. Holy smokes, that is too long. It can tone the silver if you keep it that long.
  6. How for how long did you dip the coin in it?
  7. If that is the case, I would recommend EU Mint to specify that for the silver coins, otherwise someone could easily bring them in court.
  8. Milk Spotted silver coins are not accepted, since the dealer is selling them brand new, no milk spots, that's what the customers should get. If they will get spotted over time that is a different story. However, when you buy a new coin, this should be sold at correct price. Hope that makes sense. I would love to see that EUMint is transparent and will specify if that bullion coin is milk spotted that you can buy it at lower price as it should be.
  9. Unfortunately this dip only cleans the toned silver coins. It doesn't clean the milk spots. For that to work you need Cloudy Ammonium, I have never tried it. I just did a little reasearch.
  10. Dear silverforum fellows, Meanwhile I have ordered 5 Britannias from EuropeanMint and believe it or not, I have received them milk spotted. It looks like their promises weren't kept. I have attached some pictures of it. Including the package. I am very disappointed.
  11. I am hoping European Mint will be more careful in the future, and they would return the milk spotted coins to the mint before selling them to the customers. What do you guys think? Is that a fair and good business model? Will it bring more happy clients? Or am I wrong?
  12. Anyways, I don't want to continue this, because it builds tension. Not sure why, but nobody will thank me or appreciate for pointing this issue out!
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