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  1. Hi Jimmy2Trees I may be interest in one of the the Krugerrand which one is in the best condition, and your asking price Patnol
  2. I would like to purchase the full sovereign from you. This is my first purchase on the Silver Forum what is the next step
  3. Thank you for your response, i must know decide which fork in the road to travel
  4. Hi Guys As a complete novice to collecting should i keep my coins in the original packaging, or have them graded and slabbed Regards Patnol
  5. Hello all I recently joined the forum after finding the link on Google; I am over 80 years old and a complete novice To Collecting/Stacking, thanks to the Silver forum I beginning to learn what a fascinating and hopefully rewarding Hobby this is, Regards to all Patnol
  6. Patnol

    Box or Slab

    Many thanks guys i may send just two to dip my toes as to speak
  7. Patnol

    Box or Slab

    HI Guys I have several Royal Mint proof sovereigns in presentation boxes, along with The Authenticity paper documents, my question as a newbie is, should I keep them as they are in the boxes, or Should I take them out of the boxes and have the coins sent for grading, which option will would be best for value In the future Kind regards Patnol
  8. Hi Folks Can you advise me on the following, to maintain the value of a PROOF coin received from a dealer in a box with Authenticity certificates, should I keep it as supplied by a dealer, or send it to NGC for grading, and have it Encased in a slab. Regards Patnol
  9. Thanks for your assistance Guys Regards Patnol
  10. Can anyone help me, where can I get the correct SPOT price of Gold and silver, web pages I visit give different prices in the UK
  11. Patnol


    Thanks sovtsf Thanks SOVTSF i will try eBay Regards
  12. Patnol


    Hi Guys As a newbie member what kind of magnifier should I buy, eye glass or hand held, I believe 10x is the best Kind regards Patnol
  13. I would appreciate where I can get the meaning of the above, plus any other such meanings. Also as a beginner which is best to collect, 1 gold sovereign or 1/2 gold sovereign, 1/4 gold sovereign, proofs, uncirculated, or circulated. where does one begin.
  14. Thanks Folks for your guidance, I must say that at my age I will never see a profit in my new hobby of stacking, it will be passed on to my Children. Can you sagest /recommend strategy or formula that I should adhere to. Kind regards to All
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