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  1. You are right! She is on 1 and 2 euro coins.
  2. Some Latvian history 83% silver https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces6595.html
  3. Hello fellow members! I am new to trading gold and silver online. Just want to know what are your favorite transport courier companies if shipping goods Europe to UK or Europe only?
  4. Hello Silver forum! This is 1899 gold sovereign Victoria old head. I can not see the mint mark. Does that mean its made in London? Also see that price is different on same coin made in different place. London has highest mintage of 7.515.978. Other mints like Sydney and Melbourne have less and they also sell for less. Can anyone explain? This one is not in best shape. Can someone tell how much would be a fair price for it?
  5. Hello Silver forum! I have two gold coins for sale. 1 oz 2013 Australian Gold Kangaroo - 1650 euro 1 oz 2007 China panda - 1730 euro Bank transfer preferred and buyer pays postage. Feel free to contact me!
  6. Eduards

    Panda coin

    ChrisSilver Are those all legit business that are offered? Is it safe to use this website?
  7. Eduards

    Panda coin

    Thanks for reply! I see some pandas at a local coin shop going for 300 euro over spot. Is that normal or because of current situation?
  8. Eduards

    Panda coin

    Hello Silver forum! I would like to hear your opinions and thoughts on this 2007 Panda. What is the price you would pay for it?
  9. Hello all members! Happy to become part of community! I am from Latvia. My mama used to say long time ago that i should buy gold and silver. Now I started my journey with some panda coins. Now i am hooked. Hope to share my experience soon. Regards
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