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  1. Hi. PM incoming for 1 coin please Thanks
  2. I think this is underrated advice. Everybody seems to put low premiums at the forefront of their priorities. For me flexibility and ease of liquidity is key. For long term holders you have to consider that values could be vastly different in 25 years time. 1oz pieces of gold could be well out of reach of most buyers. Perhaps 1/20 fractionals will be the new benchmark for the common man. Security also plays a part. If i had that much gold id want to split it into at least 2 different safes in different locations. Easier if you hold fractionals as opposed to big chunks. Unless of course you have several big chunks. One can dream...
  3. For sale on behalf of my brother who has an interesting reg plate on his car. He isnt into precious metals (yet) so doesnt have an account here. This is only relevant to folks in the UK G8 LDK - good likeness to GOLD K Looking for £1250. Bank transfer or cash. Registration number will be placed on a retention certificate ready to apply to another vehicle. Physical plates from his vehicle can be posted if requested but please be aware they have been on the car for years so arent perfect. Any interested party please contact me via PM and i will provide his email. He will provide photos and more info if required. He is on the fylde coast, lancashire for anyone wanting to deal in person. Thanks for looking.
  4. Ive given in to the pressure and gone all in on gold with all the spare cash i had. Just hope it goes up from here. Cant wait to recieve my new haul.... a single 1/40 ounce gold britannia its not much, but its better then nowt hahaha
  5. That looks like a stunning design. I will keep an eye out for this one. Cheers
  6. Well ..i havent been waiting. Ill be buying slow and steady over the years (almost) regardless of spot and premiums. My goal is long term 25+ years, so Itll all average out. If you stress about buying at the lowest of low prices you may be waiting very long periods without accumulating. Like alot of people have said, whilst premiums are high on bullion, why not treat yourself to some high premium items that may retain their numistatic value. The difference isnt that huge at the moment. Just my thoughts, not saying im right, but its my strategy. Enjoy the ride
  7. Hmmmm, yea ive checked ebays return policy seems youre correct.
  8. The real con here is that postage costs are non refundable. In this scenario if the buyer was dissatisfied they would only be eligible for a refund of the item cost, not the postage cost. Its either a con, or its reducing the risk to the seller. As we know, ebay and paypal support the buyers with buyer protection. Sellers can be open to abuse from fraudulent buyers.
  9. Please can i take 2. Thanks
  10. Reference a certain new hospital....hint
  11. PMs is my new hobby. I was intrigued by some comments by a youtuber who mentioned about stacking gold or silver in preparation for economic downturn following the coronavirus outbreak. Since then i did a little research, which turned into a bit of a fascination. Ive since stacked 9 whole ounces of silver lol! Im a small time youtuber myself, i review torches (flashlights) but its so expensive to keep up with new lights, and the lockdown has thrown some spanners in the works. Think ill give it a break for a while and focus on this a little bit. Get some savings behind me.
  12. Royal mint website is back up with falcons on at £54 ex vat! Bit of a jump to say the least
  13. For me, as im just getting into stacking PMs, i will be buying what i can just to make a start. I have 4 2oz queens beasts (1 yale and 3 falcon) so far. With cashback deals i paid around £43 each which im pleased with considering current circumstances. Ill soon be looking for another 1oz along the lines of canadian maple or britannia (oriental border if possible). I expect to pay around £26-30. I will try and buy 1 a month of these going forward amongst others to gradually build up. Im not too worried about premiums as i will be keeping these coins long term 25+ years, hopefully into retirement. Im sure premiums will reduce at some point so itll all average out. I may even just leave my eventual collection to my children. I just enjoy collecting nice things
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