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  1. I spent a number of enjoyable years living and working in Hong Kong so I find this very sad news:
  2. The reason that the campaign supporting Scottish independence lost the referendum is because it didn't push for the people of England to be able to vote on the matter as well.
  3. I see , well this is refreshing so at least there is agreement that there is an illness we all refer to as Covid19 and its just the cause of that illness that is up for debate
  4. Thanks for the clarification. So if exomes is not making peopld sick then it is likely to be the virus, right? Added 0 minutes later... https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mans-whole-household-dies-coronavirus-22475781
  5. A fair summary here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.universetoday.com/38125/how-long-have-humans-been-on-earth/amp/
  6. Humans have been around for between 5 to 7 million years , yet you choose a point of comparison that was a tiny 2000 years ago to make a comparison missing the fact that the system in Roman times is the same one we have today. Its like saying were you happier yesterday when everything was exactly the same as it is today. Talk about ignorance lol 😆
  7. I see. I don't class this as an improvement for humanity.
  8. how is this improvement figure calculated?
  9. I think as a hypothesis this is very good starting point. It was pretty much well known that everything was getting over inflated and a big bust was on the way. Perhaps this is a way to manage this so rather than a bust we get a controlled deflation followed by decades of growth? My main point of disagreement comes from the denial of any virus. Let's assume the goal is X. X can be your favourite theory eg economic control, vaccination etc etc So whatever X is surely it would be better for them that "they" use an actual virus to achieve that goal? I don't really understand the logic that gets a person believing covid19 is about controlling the entire world population but to do so they are going to use a fake virus.
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