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  1. It's true as our crises is potential inflation and few options for safe havens in a financial collapse.
  2. Can't help thinking they have it right
  3. Thank you that would mean so much to me
  4. The crises isnt the C word (which we cannot discuss on this thread) but rather mass unemployment
  5. Perceived crises coming and everybody buys gold. Actual crises hits results in people having to sell gold irrespective of their wishes
  6. Depends on whether the DOW falls from its current price within the next 6 months
  7. Oh I see what you mean. This is a six month position so I will be layering in to get the best average I can before the fall.
  8. There is nothing wrong with gazundering at all but the government are trying to scare people by saying via the media that if you gazunder it may stop banks lending to you.
  9. That is a very interesting decision. What prompted it?
  10. Property is one artificial massive bubble and I agree with your analysis. However the government in charge when property prices collapse will spend at least a decade on the sidelines if not longer. So it will be a massive massive fight to keep the bubble inflated with every trick used. The number 10 nudge unit is already warning people (via the media) of the "risks" of gazundering.
  11. You can go one further than holding cash. You can short the market. I actually shorted the DOW rather than the FTSE. This is why:
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