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  1. Nomad Royalties finally got a wrapped up last Friday, pretty cool new royalty play with instant cash flow and multiple properties I just bought in this morning. https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/adb7d1e4-239e-427f-b020-bff16697f965/downloads/Nomad Corporate Presentation - MAY 2020 - Laun.pdf?ver=1590633713221
  2. Sprott just jumped into a Aussie king maker called Kairos Minerals. Im sure he will announce it this Friday on Sprott talk. I just jumped in too @ .015 ish USD.
  3. Im a little tea pot short and stout, here is my handle....... If we retrace to 1758 its going to mars
  4. as long as we stay above about $1706 we should be good fellas! One other possibility is the "head and shoulders" formation, but its kinda vague. So far after hours its going back up too!
  5. man these turned out way better in person than the stock pics
  6. So funny I bought in I think yesterday to ELY! I think its the best play for safety ( its a royalty, and they have mines they own, safest jurisdictions in the planet, work through plandemics, awesome long play team with solid backers, ) and massive bagger territory ( just acquired a big producing mine that brings cash flow and still tons of acres unexplored, A couple other potential big baggers on a royalty they have with Wallbridge that looks like a mother load. Might add more this week !
  7. Newest COT report, Still looking pretty bull from here. Volume and open interest is actually moving back up too!
  8. Looking at picking these up next week but having trouble with valueations, any thoughts? BonTerra Resources, 7Moz Au, 86M Shares, 1.5$/share ( not yet running but ready ) Equinox - 37m/oz Au, 272M Shares 2.24$/share ( some running) Silver Lake Resources - 2m/oz au - 880M Shares, 1.4$/share (running)
  9. what quick calculation do you use to asses current value for minors without P/E ratios etc? Like how do I tell if they are "under" or "over" valued?
  10. With the Balmoral Take over of Wallbridge wouldn't it be better to just buy Balmoral now, ? I was also looking at Pure Gold, I love how they are slated to pour before Christmas! Osino seems good, are they fully permitted and ready to mine? Namibia Africa a safe place as far as Nationalization goes?
  11. Here are the ones Im looking at for next week any opinions? Gold Mining Inc. - GLDLF GOLD - Tons of locations, 8.6M CASH, NO DEBT, all over Americas, Sprott is in, rick rule etc. Real market cap at least 8x, my only question is when do they actually start mining, they own tons of properties but I see no production? Americas Gold And Silver - USAS - Mexico & USA - Pouring Aurcana Corporation - AUNFF - Colorado USA Massive Silver mine need last $15Million to start - everything in place BonTerra Resources Inc - BONXF - ceo of sprott is ceo lol Sprott owns some, 7Mil ounces discovered to Canada Seasonal, 3 mines surrounding wash pit, smart doing it right, waiting for last bit of cash, TONS of Gold GR Silver Mining LTD - GRSLF - already drilling! Mexico, First Majestic owns 20%, SAND owns 5% - owner used to for for bigger company, Mag Silver - MAG - 1B Market Cap 132M cash no debt - production starts this year - Monster
  12. So spec and commercial are short. If they all have spreads and stops at 1600$ when it gets there it's going to the floor. And right after the specs went their lowest is when it tanked. My question remains if specs and commercial are short, who's long, and will they or could they ever have enough power to break to any of the comm or spec upper buy spreads? Doubt it, am I missing something? COT reports still conclude volume is down by like 70%.. which is a huge bear indicator. If the pm pumpers were gonna go all in for the moon shoot they would have already done it. The only possible superman I can think of to break to the upper spread points is Buffet. Remember he claims to shy away from pms but guess who has a bunch of silver... or did who knows if he still has it. But imagine if he took that airline money and smacked it down on pm majors! Or I guess the FED but.. I cant see the true upside for them there unless they bulled it then announced gold back fed tokens, then they would really have us by peanuts.
  13. For over a year now in California they randomly shut off all power in cities with out prior notice for sometimes weeks. On purpose, ..in the name of safety.. to prevent forest fires... The world just made it illegal for months to go to parks, the beach, schools, and churches. But totally legal to go to weed shops and liquor stores. If you want a hedge, with gold, buy silver. The fed could flick the switch on bitcoin at any second and the hedge is worthless. Forget that. I'd rather throw money a treasury bonds or penny stocks than crypto anyday. Hell even ETFs. Or what about just buying a couple acres of land, now that is a hedge!
  14. Big boy investors are betting on it going down aka shorting the stock. The people that will loose and are being played like a fiddle over and over think it's going up.
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