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  1. My view is, if you can pick up a good condition commemorative coin or whatever below spot, grab it. Lot's of these coins have low mintage, can never figure out why there is so little demand for them.
  2. Anyone know what the best coin shops are in London. Any reviews of the best places or even hidden away ones that are worth a look. Not looking for numismatic madness (rare coins etc), just some silver coins i can get that I like at reasonable prices.
  3. These types of things often come up on Ebay and you can get them below spot occasionally. I will take them from time to time when I see a bargain but don't get too excited about them. Purely a price thing.
  4. I am a big fan but appears most people care little for it, hence its price only really going over spot for rare dates or where condition is very good.
  5. I had a similar situation in Eastern Europe in the summer at car boot sales. Many stalls of coin dealers and not a genuine coin among them haha.
  6. That's the great thing about the site, always get great advice. For me, it is ping test, weight and the magnet test, and all of this combined means most of the time your results are pretty conclusive.
  7. I am put off by these coins by the number of fakes that I hear out there. However did purchase my first couple of halves in the last number of weeks.
  8. I heard this phrase used for bitcoin but I think it applies to gold/silver also, perhaps better. ‘By silver, hold it, and hope you never need it. It will help you sleep better.’
  9. Just wanted to ask. Let’s say for example I had a load of junk silver in sterling grade or lower percentages. What does it cost or how does one go about extracting the pure silver from it. I have a lot of junk silver and am not looking to do so, but trying to gauge how to value junk silver around the spot price.
  10. During COVID boredom, the financial worry helped me find silver. Good and bad, good in that I got in, bad in that I sometimes bought off eBay and this forum, and paid higher premiums than I would have liked. But more recently I bought a lot of 1 kilo bars from bairds, here and off eBay and silver has since rocketed. Basically I am concerned because only now looking at sale prices, I see I am in profit, considering eBay fees etc. Not thinking off selling now at all, but what is the best and most cost efficient way to offload kilo bars. Wish I had been buying rounds given they appear to be the s
  11. Triple digit would make me think hard, but the world would look different at $100 also. Would never replace it for fiat, would have to go into a real asset, most likely land.
  12. My favourite coins are the Latin Monetary Union coins from late 1800s. So 5 lira, 5 pesetas, 5 franc etc... generally 90% silver but beautiful coins. Premiums are reasonably high, a 20gram coin might go for around the £15 mark on ebay but worth every penny as a collector coin. I am very much of the view that ‘junk silver’ is far from junk so old coins make up a big part of my collection.
  13. I can confirm that Premium membership is essential if you are looking to buy stuff. Good to get a feel for the market.
  14. Hello people, asking for advice here. When I started my silver endeavor this year, I never realised the issue of safety and storage would come up. Now that I am due to go away sometime in the summer when allowed, I feel somewhat uncomfortable leaving my home with masses of coins there. This is mainly due to the fact I have a lot of junk silver that is bulky and extremely hard to hide when you don't have a house with attics floorboards etc. Can people recommend what they have done, storage is expensive and given there is a weight restriction, next to impossible. Maybe I should
  15. Amen With the amount of free fiat money been thrown around, that 1920 shilling in your collection might be getting your weekly shopping yet again in a few years. Hundred years later haha... Joke, but you get the idea
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