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  1. Also, the shipping costs are 16,80 (to Romania) for this sum. I'm guessing there no insurance attached and no value declared. 🙊
  2. I can add a maximum of 400 in the cart. Who can pay 150,000 euro by card ?
  3. Review of math. Spot is now 1560 euro/ozt. Price of the coins is 1500 euro/ozt. That is 3,8 % below spot. For a PROOF coin. Please update your post.
  4. I bought 2 ! That's all I could afford at the moment. But still, why is this deal so good ?
  5. Any update from this seller ? It's been 5 weeks for my order already and absolutely nothing...
  6. Nothing. They received my cleared payment on 15 April 2020. No update since then. I think you would be better off avoiding this dealer.
  7. Premium have reduced for Sovereigns at Chards. Before it was 5% for a single piece. Now it starts at 4.5%, going down depending on volume. Good job, Chards! https://www.chards.co.uk/gold-bullion-sovereigns-secondary-market/1990 Perhaps expecting a price drop for gold and trying to encourage people to buy them now? They are still in "orderable" status, not "in stock".
  8. Sorry. I've checked the math again in my document and it seems I've mistaken spread for premium. They had buy vs sell prices and I used to look for the least spread for a coin. So...the spread was high for the Sovereign, but the premium was low. Premium was the same as other coins (except for Victoria sovereign), between 4 and 5%. Sorry to confuse you. Anyway, I still recommend the British Sovereign vs 1/4 ounce other bullion 9999 coin.
  9. I would definitely opt for Sovereign. It has history attached to it and it is of cultural value in my opinion. I'll give you a simple example , though you may find it might not be of real value in the UK. In Romania, a new international PM dealer opened their business recently (in January I think). I won't give their name because they are not worth it. They sold historical and modern gold coins at excellent prices in the beginning. They had a 4% premium for standard 6.45 g coins, even lower for some Austrian coins. And likewise excellent premiums for other bigger coins. Except for the British Sovereign. The premium for it was a lot higher since the beginning - 8%. All premiums went silly high in a few months after the opening. What I am trying to point out is that the Sovereign might be worth well more than bullion value at least in some other parts of the world.
  10. Thanks. Hmm..interesting choice for the website developer...I say the Union Jack is more appropriate for defining a symbol for the English language. 🙂
  11. That is what I have been told by a seller of this type of coin a few weeks ago. Did not buy it though because of the distance between us and covid19. It was a pretty good deal though.
  12. I'm glad we are gathering information about the dealer, but let's keep calm and stick to the facts. And give them the benefit of the doubt. As I see it, @thesongofthunder has made the order yesterday and payed by BTC, with an instant payment acknowledgement. It's been just 1 day, you will probably get replies about the delivery time saying something vague like - expect heavy delays. I have received answers (and stupid questions too) too all my attempts at communicating with them. At this moment it appears there is no one on this forum who traded with them in the last few years at least. So we cannot make an honest judgement at the moment. IMO, we will be able to draw our conclusions about this dealer in at least 2 or 3 weeks from now. If no delivery is dispatched, no information received, no refund offered, then ...we'll have a problem.
  13. Nothing with any info in it anyway. Just the one where someone from Czech Rep asked about the site , no one answered and then you replied.
  14. I think they are the same. All of my emails after buying from www.buysilvercoins.eu were from [email protected] It's something we should look into. Maybe other members could shed some light in this. and this is the adress from their signature: AU Trading (Europe) Limited20-22 Wenlock RoadLondonN1 7GU
  15. Here is my experience: I placed an order with them on the 10th of April, a Friday, for a tube of 20 britannias. They said it was in stock. And apparently still is. Got a reply with payment details. Being in good faith, I made the bank transfer immediately and replied to their email with a statement from my bank where I ordered the transfer to take place. Surely, anyone knows that an international bank transfer takes a few workdays, 2-3-5...Saturday on the 11th I got an email asking about my payment and saying that they had not received it 😐. Once again I tell them that I have ordered it to my bank and will take a few work days and probably will get to them until the 15th of April. Ok..come Monday 13th (2nd catholic Easter day and holiday in the UK) I get yet another email asking again about my payment (!!!). This time I'm pretty annoyed and I replied to them saying for the 3rd time that it takes a couple of work days, of which NONE actually passed due to Easter holiday, for the money to get there. Finally on the 14th of April only one work day after the transfer had been ordered, the payment was executed. I send them the confirmation and bank statement. Guess what? No reply. I got a bit worried at this stage, but on the 15th in the afternoon I got an email saying my payment was received and they will provide me a tracking number when that will be available. They said to expect 4-6 weeks delay. I think it is clear that they are selling stuff they do not have. I hope I will get my coins at some point... They seemed very amateur to me. And I'm pretty suspicious about a company that has the coins in Estonia(?), operates and sends emails from the UK and have a bank account in Ireland ??! If you guys could explain that to me, I would be grateful. Cheers P.S. @ChrisSilver I think you should merge the 2 threads, this one and the one with opinions about www.buysilvercoins.eu
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