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  1. Some bullion coins that I bought and received today:
  2. How can you be sure it is real gold when you buy from ebay ? I find it extremely risky.
  3. 3 Gold coins? At most that would be 93 gr. You can have jewelry on you worth much more than that. I don't think anyone will ask anything....Just my opinion.
  4. https://www.silber-werte.de/en/100-Kr-Franz-Josef 0% over spot. For a great coin. Pretty good deal, wouldn't you agree ?😶
  5. Bought there from www.silber-werte.de . Excellent dealer, very fast shipment, 10/10. I recommend them.
  6. I think the price of this thing is going up with the price of gold....Pretty disappointed, 780 $ now. (was 660 when the thread started) https://buysigmametalytics.com/products/sigma-metalytics-precious-metal-verifier-basic-set
  7. Can you put a link ? I can't find them anymore.
  8. Has anyone outside the UK ordered and received coins from Hatton Garden Metals? I've made an account with them to see the delivery costs and it seems the website is unaware that Bucharest is Romania and they tax the same rate 6.95 GBP for delivery as in UK. If I proceed with all the steps I get to the card details for payment. Somehow I don't think this is right....Do they ship outside of the UK ?
  9. Earlier on this thread I asked the same question. People here have ordered and said everything was ok. I think they are reputable dealer.
  10. How about these? I'm pretty sure they have no problem accepting your card and delivering in Ireland 🙂 https://www.silber-werte.de/en/20-FF-Gold-mixed-years https://www.silber-werte.de/en/20-FF-Genius-1871-1898
  11. https://www.royalmint.com/gifts/accessories/cufflinks/18-carat-gold-queens-beasts-falcon-of-plantagenets-cufflinks/ Wondering how heavy this is...why don't they say in the description?...it can be misleading, they look pretty sturdy.
  12. Any other code to shave off maybe 20GBP so I can make myself buy them ? 🤪
  13. This one is pretty good too. https://www.royalmint.com/gifts/accessories/tie-pins-and-clips/sterling-silver-2020-gold-half-sovereign-tie-clip/ https://www.royalmint.com/gifts/silver/sterling-silver-money-clip-with-2020-gold-half-sovereign/
  14. Gone...simply gone..when I was editing my adress...wow..
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