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  1. Tavex is present in a lot of countries, including Romania (where I am from). I have bought several times from them, they are a reputable dealer. Here they have shops selling gold/silver and changing currency in malls. Decent prices for large 1 oz gold coins.
  2. Some bullion coins that I bought and received today:
  3. How can you be sure it is real gold when you buy from ebay ? I find it extremely risky.
  4. 3 Gold coins? At most that would be 93 gr. You can have jewelry on you worth much more than that. I don't think anyone will ask anything....Just my opinion.
  5. Hi guys! There are a lot of messages about the 50 euro Irish 2016 Proclamation coin. I bought 2 of these on 1 Jun 2020 and other than the automatic reply to confirm my order, I did not receive any news about my order. Is one week delay normal? I saw that some of the members already received their coins. What was your experience? https://www.collectorcoins.ie/en/proclamation-of-the-irish-republic-50-gold-proof-coin-2016.html Thanks!
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