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  1. It’s looking like gold and silver will be good buys next week, both are continuing the decline
  2. Harry dent says $1100 lets see what happens I was planning to buy more gold this week but going to hold off a little longer,
  3. Yes I will continue you but no one knows how low it will go unless you’re Harry dent 😂
  4. I bought 3 1 oz coins mid February gold went down further ha I bought another 3 last week gold went down further ha, I am now waiting a little bit longer and will make another purchase
  5. Why?? What has he said that makes you say this?
  6. Doubt we will see a rally based on what biden has planned in the US but I will continue to buy 1oz here and there as it’s coming down. where is the best price for gold, I see Atkinsons bullion seem to be slightly cheaper than other place.
  7. Unbelievable I just bought on Monday, end of this week start of next week I will buy gold again just keep buying on these drops.
  8. You are obviously correct, thats what happens when you just bash a question into google ha,
  9. Costco today have a 1000g Silver bar for £689, 35oz in a 1000g bar, thats todays spot price, which seems a great deal or am i missing something
  10. If we listen to Harry sent gold could go down to $900 before a massive upturn, who knows but I will continue to buy as long as it’s going down
  11. GOLD continues its crash and i have just bought my first ever 3oz of gold yesterday 😭 lucky i am in this for the long game 20 to 30 years ha, although i will continue to try and buy when the gold price is going down.
  12. I have just bought my very first gold bullion today, although i think gold will continue to dfall before a rise, its always better to buy when the price is coming down and just keep buying, the gold to silver ratio taking premiums into account would say gold is the metal to buy at the moment.
  13. its being forced up just like the gamestop stock, silver will come back down once they stop this but how high will it go
  14. its only increasing due to this whoel situation of people coming together to force it up just like they did with the gamestop stock, once this all ends silver will come back down in price, its just how high will it go at the moment.
  15. Absolutely, I bought some 1KG bars they just arrived last week, but if the price continue to go down I will be buying more it’s a long term hold for me anyway
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