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  1. Absolutely, I bought some 1KG bars they just arrived last week, but if the price continue to go down I will be buying more it’s a long term hold for me anyway
  2. It will go lower I think, anything below £15 is probably a good time to stock up on whatever you can afford to get
  3. I just bought some bars if silver comes down again good just buy more
  4. If it goes back to £15 or below it’s probably time to look at monster boxes ha,
  5. Will companies selling silver continue to sell if the price keeps going down or will they just stop selling as it’s not profitable for them?
  6. Always going to be ups and downs that’s life, I just bought a 1kg bar although I have a feeling silver will continue to go down
  7. I have no idea at all but that was something I was wanting to ask this forum also
  8. We are already in the dip, I have been waiting to buy those 1kg silver bars. I might place an order tonight as it’s come down to £681 for a 1kg silver bar or will this dip continue
  9. I’m new to this silver game but trying to learn I have just seen the stoneX silver bars are up for pre order, these seem cheap for 1KG bars has anyone had experience with these
  10. I am just looking to buy and hold for a long time and not sure what metal will increase the most it’s just an investment, looking to buy at the lowest cost
  11. based on the current price difference if you had £1600 or whatever it’s costing for 1oz of gold. would you buy 1oz gold or use the £1600 to just buy all silver ?
  12. new to this silver game, whats ASE
  13. Anything left or all sold?
  14. I bought 25 britannia coins last week, looking to get some 10oz and 1KG pieces in the next week as well. Just had a look at the website, seem ok the best price i can see on the 1kg coins is £745
  15. It’s hard to find stuff the best 1kg I can find is the koala 1kg coins £746 works out best value I think
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