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  1. @Wonger, anymore news mate, I login here to see the daily update from you tbh, I need gold to crumble so I can start scooping
  2. Is is plummeting at the moment BUT when will we reach $400 and I will be buying galore.
  3. This is one hell of a thread.
  4. Wonger, where are you what are you thinking on the bull run on gold, when will this collapse to $400 so I can start scooping.
  5. This is our dilemma.
  6. Gold continues to rise and rise.
  7. Is everyone on here waiting on the crash 😂 I am. Who on this forum is actually buying gold right now?
  8. Excellent breakdown of the graph 👍
  9. What is this we are looking at and how does this predict gold prices to collapse to $400??
  10. Gold has jumped up in price again, it getting harder and harder to see these low quotes of $400 or even $800 coming to fruition, Wonger you losing the bet you placed?
  11. Well wonger I am taking your advice at the moment and that o Harry dent, is gold end up at 3K or more without coming down I will be gutted ha
  12. FFS!! If you are right about Silver and Gold I will buy as much physical as I can it’s just this waiting game is a killer, especially when ones sees gold sitting high
  13. I don’t k ow but I’m holding out before I buy.
  14. interesting video, wonger what you thinking
  15. Yes but were not going into inflation, were going into deflation, simple enough for you? Mike maloney talks about deflation before a potential hyperinflation
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