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  1. Could I have your last kook and a dragon bar please. PM to follow.
  2. Hi, can I have one of each in silver please. I will PM you tomorrow morning. Cheers.
  3. Hi, can I reserve 2 please 70 & 71 if possible. Thanks.
  4. Can I have your final 2 Yale's please.
  5. I’ve not bothered with the lunar privy coins or the mule - yet !! So sorry can’t help.
  6. Hi I will PM you tonight re: 2009
  7. Thanks to all those that got in touch.
  8. Sorry guys - didn’t mean to start a war 😇 Although looking at the questions maybe I did. Some good deals on here but due to the price of the Lion and the Griffin, the dealers price looks not too bad - possibly. In your experience, what are the chances of knocking a dealer down a bit on price?
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