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  1. I have 2 spare sets I would consider selling - I'll send you a PM.
  2. Please count me in and include this aviation rarity as a prize: 2003 SOLOMON ISLANDS CONCORDE 25 Dollar 1oz silver coin
  3. Hi BYB As the proud owner of the 2019 No. 100, could I please reserve the 2020 edition. I will also send a PM. Cheers.
  4. Hi, can I reserve 2 please 70 & 71 if possible. Thanks.
  5. Sorry guys - didn’t mean to start a war 😇 Although looking at the questions maybe I did. Some good deals on here but due to the price of the Lion and the Griffin, the dealers price looks not too bad - possibly. In your experience, what are the chances of knocking a dealer down a bit on price?
  6. Hi Fairly new to collecting and can't help but feel I've missed out on this wonderful set. So far I have only collected 1 oz coins but I am so tempted to start the 2 oz collection with these. I priced up some for sale on here over the last few weeks and it was looking about £485 for the 9 (one popular dealer and sponsor on here is doing the 9 for £470 at the moment). What say the experts of TSF: Is it too late to start ? Are they really worth it (especially at those prices) ?
  7. Yes, it was a bit easy - but what language?
  8. Hi I joined The Silver Forum a couple of months ago under the username CAASilver but, long story short, forgot password and lost access to disposable email address. I have re-registered with the new username and this time instead of being rude, I thought I should introduce myself this time. Having made a few purchases, under the old login, with some of the main sellers, I have decided to commit to the Silver Membership as I have noticed quite a lot of new "For Sale" posts are completed long before I have access - and I feel I am missing out on some great bargains !!! I've only just got into silver coins and I would say I'm a collector rather than a stacker. I particularly enjoy collecting some of the runs the Australian and New Zealand mints produce. My son enjoys looking at the designs as well - especially the Marvel Super Heroes. I'm looking forward to trading with you all and hope to gain from your valuable experience. Cheers, Airgead p.s. Can you guess the meaning of the username (without Google !!!).
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