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  1. Allancv


    Hi everyone, Does anyone sell gold near spot? I'm interested
  2. What does cross contamination do? Just makes alloys doesn't it? I got to admit, that cross is really good. How long did it take you to do one mould?
  3. Funny enough @BackyardBullion was the oak on YouTube who made the hobby interesting to me. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it.
  4. Hi, thanks! Unforturnalty it'll be a gradual introduction into smelting etc. I only have like 200 or so 😂 pity party or what. But I'm mainly wondering on costs, upkeep etc. as I know I can't excatly afford top quality products such as yours at the minute. So basically, in short, I want to learn about smelting etc and get to grips with the fundementals. If I had the money, trust me, i'd buy your products asap (Sorry for the poor grammer, got dyslexia)
  5. Hi everyone, I would love to get into smelting and turning old coins etc into new custom ones, just for myself. Would anyone know where I can start? I belive I need a smelting furnace but clueless on what else I should buy/think of before doing this. This will be a hobby, with a possibility of progressing in 20+ years lol. Thanks for all replies!
  6. Hi everyone, I ordered a silver britannia for myself in 2016. Today, after not viewing my silver coin for months ended up having milk spotting. It's a proof coin, so how is it possible to get milk spotting? It looks like it's sealed and has never been open. Is there anything I could do to limit this, or get rid of milk spotting? I would never sell this coin as it's my first coin I bought with my first job. Kinda sad times since this is one of five coins I own. But hey ho 🙄 Thanks for anyone messaging with info, Cheers, Allan
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