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    Design (looks somewhat different in style than the previous ones, I like it a lot!): This is from the special sets, mintage is same as last one I heard
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    Today I Received.....

    A nice little Griffin from the Royal Mint.
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    Today I Received.....

    Hello, just bought the 2018 proof dragon coin from the Perth Mint. Have taken a photo of the proof next to the billion version released earlier in the year.
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    Ugh! I’m sorry I don’t like it at all. The first few beasts look beautifully stylised. This here fellow looks like someone has quite literally ruffled his feathers. His head seems to big for his body, and his fantail behind the shield makes no sense to me. Basically, I don’t think he fits in with the rest of the beasts, stylistically. I guess I’d say the series started going downhill beginning with the bull. Glad I never started collecting this series - I’d be tugging at my feathers umm hair right about now 😬 For those of you who do like it, I’m happy for you and hope the coins don’t have production flaws. I will look forward to seeing actual pics.
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    Today I Received.....

    Second bear for the collection: Looks in good condition so I'll send to Numi for grading.
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    I was searching for a storage solution for my newly aquired shine. I trawled the internet and searched for ideas. I wanted a smallish box, just big enough for my hoard, and to present it in a nice way whenever I wanted to look at it. Pelican and Zarges boxes are available, these are secure and waterproof and come in various sizes, but are essentially black plastic boxes, and don't hold the sense of quality becoming of a gold/silver collection, or indeed, sate my penchant for the aesthetic. My mind turned to sewing machines, or rather sewing boxes! And I'm not talking cheap tin or plastic things from Aldi. No, I mean ones that are maybe 100 or 200 years old, made by craftsmen from solid wood and strong enough to stand the test of time. These little things can be really beautiful, often made from birds-eye maple or solid oak etc. They have a lock and key, and usually a lift out tray. This is ideal for me as I could have have my coins and small bars on display in the tray, and keep larger bars and tubes in the bottom section. However these boxes tend to max out at about 12" to 14" in length. My collection may need a little more space... My search had also turned up cutlery boxes. Again, old, solid wood designs, and with lift out trays. They're available in many sizes and configurations, and it's what I finally decided upon.
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    Sovereign Photo Thread...

    My slabbed Quintuple Sovereigns:
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    Today I Received.....

    Two Gold Sovereigns added to the collection. First, a nicely graded MS 63, 1917-P George V Gold Sovereign. And a lucky dip 1909-S Edward VII Gold Sovereign. Thankfully the lucky dips have been giving me the Veiled Head Victoria, Edward, and George Sovereigns that I wouldn’t normally tend to when there are still a number of Young Head and Jubilees that are a little more attractive.
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    Not a relistic image of a falcon, think this is trying to catch the unnatural wing position of the statue. Unfortunately it looks like a worried pigeon that has just received an enema
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    Or a pose like this would have looked good
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    Oh, that really lacks the dynamism and style of the rest of the series. I am disappoint
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    Strange design for me...doesn't follow the others aesthetically, maybe as per so often it'll look better in hand
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    But even if he says something isn't available, just keep asking if you can have it anyway. He loves that 😛
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    1/4 oz Gold Nobles - How Scarce?

    Regarding the quarter ounce size, I have a set of bimetallic gold/platinum Angel and Noble from 1995. Edited to add correction: Had. Gave them as birth coins to my twin girl and boy grandkids born in 2016.
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    Today I Received.....

    Just adding to the silver stack today with 25 oz. of American-Themed silver rounds.
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    The Queens Beasts

    I’ll be focusing on buying the 1/4 ounce Queen’s Beasts which are a magnificent series of coins. Atkinsons stocks two of them - the Unicorn of Scotland and the Bull of Clarence. BullionByPost stocks the rest - the Lion of England, the Dragon of Wales and the Griffin of Edward. I bought a bespoke sovereign case from eBay which can hold twenty full sovereigns in their lighthouse capsules but which can double as a 1/4 ounce gold coin holder for the Queen’s Beasts. The Falcon of the Plantagenets comes out next month. The sheer diversity of 1/4 ounce gold coins to choose from in the 21st century is staggering when you think about it. You have everything from the Queen’s Beasts, Maples, Britannias, Eagles, Libertads, Kangaroos, Pandas, Philharmonics, Krugerrands and sovereigns. I just possess a 2018 full sovereign and 1/4 ounce Krugerrand at the moment but plan to fill my sovereign case with a whole variety of the world’s most popular gold coins. No two gold coins will be the same. My silver stack also shares the same diversity, especially with the new addition of the silver Krugerrand. I’ll be grateful if any of you silver stackers out there have an empty silver Krugerrand tube which I can buy.
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    Coin mag (sovereign info)

    This 2
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    @ronny You didn't say anything wrong. I pointed out the above because your argument about size is irrelevant as demonstrated above. And as you can see the XRF is easily fooled. This is why if you watch a Video from @BackyardBullion with the Edinburgh Assay office, you will hear first hand how the Assay office refuses to rely on a XRF and insists on a Drill test. You will hear it from the Master Assayer himself. The size is varied on ALL the Chinese fakes. So you cant use that as a argument. The weight might show up as 31.1 which is fine. But your stuck with a decision to make. At the end of the day. Even a one off bar appears somewhere. Many of the Fake replica bars made and produced are still not discovered. And its only when people like you bring it to the attention of the community can they be discovered. Someone might be sitting with a bar just like yours, and it could be genuine. But given the box, the lack of COA and the fact that there is nothing showing on any of the WTC or 911 sites of remembrance I am very sceptical. Also the fact that it says a limited edition, would imply that it could be 100 at least. And where are they? So don't take what I said the wrong way. I am looking and trying hard. But don't rely on one thing. We already ruled out the XRF as 100% proof. And you don't have a certificate saying its genuine. We have ruled out the bar size as reliable. You left with a few choices, Wait and hold onto it. Sell it to BBP who want it. or have it tested at an assay office. If your in no rush to sell, I suggest keep looking and also do a volume test.
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    Check this out looks nice to me
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    Advice on GS.BE issue

    Would never buy from these cowboys. Silver to go is my go to dealer. 1st class customer service
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    For those interested - XRF fails on MANY coins. For example I have had 40% Kennedy halves tested by three separate high end XRFs used by bullion dealers in the UK - all three failed - the highest rated the coin at 90% while the lowest came out at 80%. For those who know - that coin is fairly thin and only has a light coating of silver - and yet the XRF failed. So for bars that you want to "pass" off, 1mm depth would suffice to fake an xrf. My main dealer insists on drill tests for bars over 1 ounce and uses Sigma Verifier for most other bullion. They never rely on xrf alone, and use weight tests as well.
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    Pelican cases I find to be a great robust option with multiple layers of pick/pluck foam you can customise to your suiting
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    Don't worry about the Krugerrands, I strongly supect the big request for the next order will be the new royal mint lunar coin.
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    Of course the internals will need sorting out, a project I'm on with at the moment. I'll update with photos as and when...
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    1 oz 2018 South Korean ZI:SIN Canis BU Silver Medal - compare prices from Apmex, Provident and JM Bullion
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    Not loving this one but will get the 1oz proof to keep the set up to date
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    So pics are as always hard to take, but here is what i have spotted so far: And the worse one.... These have all never been out of their capsules, and are stored in a box with anti tarnish strips and silicar gel. I have more vacuum packed but these are not easy to get to so haven't check those yet.
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    World coins & medals

    My 1995 Jamaica $100 Robert Marley gold coin
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    Today I Received.....

    My first gold mexican coin Dos Pesos picked up from @SilverStan website very speedy delivery too 👍
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    Today I Received.....

    My sov set so far thanks to a few lucky gee gees 😄
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    Bit of a shocker to me, looks like they are trying to pander to the American market. With it looking a bit like the American Eagle. Thing is they had to do something different else it could look like the griffin. the royal mint REALLY have to look at the shocking designs that they have put out in the last few years. I can’t see why they can’t come to a forum like ours to ask the option of people that know and care about coins
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    Coin mag (sovereign info)

    No bu proof and piedfort and a few gold
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    SOS Help.... Can Anyone give information

    Yes I would agree. It would need to be thick plated.
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    SOS Help.... Can Anyone give information

    Thank you for your help Jonathon and I will keep the bar/plaque and possibly send it away for drilling. If I find anything of interest I will let you know.
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    SOS Help.... Can Anyone give information

    I vote specific gravity test!
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    Thank you all! 🙂 Not looking for a quick sale, looking for the *best* way to sell BU coins 🙂 I'm not in a rush to sell, especially as the spot price is so low right now, but I didn't think about the other end when I started randoming picking up BU Britannias! So, now I'm thinking about it! 🙂 I should have said, all are in boxes/packaging with COA as appropriate, as I bought direct from Royal Mint - so for Collectors rather than for stacking (Cos when i started, I didn't think about this at all!) That thing about a bulk deal isn't a bad Idea at all - 🙂 I also just looked at my 2015 1/40 gold Britannia, and she's a Proof coin, 873 of 7500 - so cute and pretty! 🙂 But I bought her for around what I bought a 1/10 bullion Britannia in 2017! (When I got a bit wiser) So maybe not such a good investment... ??? This whole changing strategy thing... interesting times!
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    Eradicating single use plastic.

    Its very noble wanting to not use plastics, however it wont change much. The waste you saw on the Thai beach is from Thailand, Malaysia, India and other nearby places. If you have plastic packaging you dispose into the local recycling (right?), where its going to be recycled or land-fill.
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    What are you comparing with? Other gold bars?
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    SOS Help.... Can Anyone give information

    All the Chinese fakes and others are all bigger in size . None of them are the dimensions that mine is
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    Hi, brand new here and this is my first post...just wanted to say i shall keep an eye on this as I would love to join the next group order. I'm aware I need to bank transfer my funds in to BYB and that's no problem. Looking forward to the next order.
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    PM - Meetup?

    Hope they gave their consent for that
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    Today I Received.....

    Perth Mint Lunar Dog - 1/2oz to 1 kilo. St Helena Dollar & Guinea. waiting for some Beasts!!
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    Today I Received.....

    1817 Sovereign, Damaged but wanted an example of this design.
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    New silver Kruger rand

    I'm torn with them. Yes they're cheap and yes they're pretty cool. But is buying them, in a way, supporting or at least recognising the legitimacy of the SA government and their land confiscation etc questionable (to say the least) policies...? I'm definitely not big on SJW'ism and whatnot (mixing a coin hobby with politics), but what's going on in SA is not good at all. Feel like boycotting them just out of principle. If they like their Zimbabwe future, let them keep their Zimbabwe future.
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    9Fine Mint silver bars

    I started collecting silver about three weeks ago and had my heart set on aquiring some Umicore bars, as to my eye they looked the best, just how a bar should be. However, these 9Fine bars came to my attention, a new release on the market, and my envious eyes turned to these. Mmmm, very shiny, very chunky I thought, and so they had to be mine... They come in hard/stiff plastic wrappers, either singular or in 'box sets'! I'm glad I went for these chunky little buggers, the weight of them is quite impressive for their apparent small size.
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    If your moving to London the firearms would probably come in handy too along with an acid proof hazmat suit. I have to travel into london every now and then for meetings, hate the place. This place is about 20 mins from my house, ill take that over big city life any day.
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    Today I Received.....

    Update with some slightly nicer pics
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    Airsoft/air pistols

    Legally you can only sell an airsoft gun, that looks real (a RIF) i.e not brightly coloured, if the buyer can prove they have a defence to the relevant section of the VCRA (Violent Crimes Reduction Act). The defence could be proof that they have UKARA membership or if they play regularly at an airsoft site, the owner of the site might be happy to confirm to you they are a regular airsoft player (get it in an email). This is to protect YOU as the seller. If you sold to someone who ultimately did something naughty with it, you could end up in court and would have to prove you checked they had a valid defence. You could try selling it on prefired.com or usedairsoft.co.uk but still make sure you get the buyers details of their defence for your own protection. What make pistol is it (possibly WE or TM if it has trademarks)? It’s unlikely it’s actually made in Austria.

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